Gifts For Your Pregnant Gal Pal

This is a bit of a mish mash of things – things you might want to whizz your mate over the day she tells you that OH MY FUCKING GOD I JUST DID A PREGNANCY TEST AND IT CAME BACK POSITIVE, things you could buy for a baby shower and things you could give after the baby arrives in the world.

Obviously it’s not all about splashing the cash on material possessions, and trust me when I say, just time and kindness are really truly appreciated.

One of my gals (shout out to T. Hand) came to stay overnight when Atti was a couple of weeks old and popped her head round my door at 2am during a night feed to ask if I needed anything. It has been duly noted and she will probably get a shout out in my will for that care and attention to my needs. Wink wink.

So yes, here ya go.



I had a mate pop me over a pair of ASOS maternity jammies as an early birthday present just before our Mykonos babymoon and I was super grateful.

Excellent because you spend a lot of pregnancy in the comfiest clothes you can find, also excellent because you spend a lot of the early post-baby weeks in the comfiest clothes you can find.

I can confirm that I am still wearing my maternity pyjamas now, eight months on. Lol.

Best time to buy? As soon as she’s announced.



There were about two weeks between finding out I was expecting and morning sickness hitting me like a hideous punch to the face (which was when I went off all hot drinks, fizzy drinks and most food).

You’re supposed to limit caffeine whilst pregnant to 200mg a day (about two mugs of instant coffee) so would be cute to make up a little care package of herbal tea, decaff teas and coffee and ok go on then, throw in some chocolate too.

Best time to buy? As soon as she’s secretly slipped you the news.



Sure, make the baby look extra cute, but please be a queen and buy things in at least 3-6 months because LORD ALMIGHTY we had enough 0-3 month clothes to dress the cats up every day too (I mean we didn’t, but we could and should have).

We even had a couple of 6-12 month things which were an absolute pleasure to discover months later when we had run out of anything which fit. My fave baby brands are H&M, La Redoute, Next and Matalan.

Best time to buy? Everyone’s different but personally I’d say not until the third trimester at the earliest or even once the baby’s born.



Purely because it’s always nice to feel looked after and cared for and like people are thinking after you – especially when you’re pregnant and a little bit hormonal and anxious.

I would have loved something decadent like a Diptyque candle or faaancy bouquet of flowers from the florist (or like the extra pricey £15 ones in Waitrose if you’re lazy).

Best time to buy? Any.



Atti was born a week after Christmas and two of our presents from family members were big giant hampers of snacks. Chocolate and biscuits and popcorn and fudge and all the super excellent things that made being awake at 5am feeding a baby worthwhile.

Would’ve appreciated a hamper a week whilst pregnant too, but no pressure.

Best time to buy? Around her due date or dropped on her doorstep just after.



The wonderful Erica Davies sent us a £30 COOK voucher as a new-baby present and it was 10 out of 10 to have a bag of not-so-full-of-crap ready meals delivered to our door. Big up to the macaroni cheese and risotto.

Best time to buy? After the baby is born.



My cousin bought us a crinkly cat fabric book with black and white images (apparently the best for visual development) and it came in really handy.

Totally the sort of thing we wouldn’t have spent money on ourselves unless hunted out in the sale, but Atti loved it in the early days before he was really old enough for proper toys.

Best time to buy? Baby shower or after baby is born.



I couldn’t think of the best way of phrasing this – but basically like all the additional bits and pieces you can grab in Boots but maybe wouldn’t think to buy yourself.

Atti has his first cold a couple of weeks in and I was incredibly grateful to already have things like a vapour oil and nasal drops (Snufflebabe is a brand worth checking out for this stuff) to hand at 2am.

See also nappy rash creams like Bepanthen as well as gripe water and Infacol.

Best time to buy? Baby shower so that she has them to hand as soon as she needs them.


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