My Week-Long Spending Diary



I start the day with a Waitrose splurge. The baby needs his morning nap and I’m fucking ravenous but lol sure there’s no food in the house as we’re due to have our weekly shop delivered later in the afternoon. So I do the only logical thing and get him in the car for a snooze whilst I drive to the big W for granola, berries and yogurt. I spend £9.72 and then drive to Starbucks Drive Thru for a £2.95 Flat White. I whip a bowl and spoon out of my bag (not even a joke), fill it with my Waitrose haul and then eat my breakfast in the car park.

Parenting win, if I do say so myself.

I add two pairs of New Look earrings to my digital basket whilst collating ‘The HG Ten’ for Instagram stories later in the day but then abort mission when I see there’s a fee for collecting them from my local store. Nuh uh hunny.
I then spend another £9 on drinks, crisps and dips as we’re having family over to watch the World Cup match tonight.


V casual spending day today. Nothing to report aside from one mosey down to our local shop for what I like to call ‘all the things I forgot to add to our weekly shop’. So yes, £5.75 spent on a pack of size 3 Pampers and a set of three of sponges. Glamorous.


Woke up to glorious sunshine and thought ‘yeah I know what will make both me and the baby really happy this morning – a gentle saunter in the sunshine round the town centre’.
Spoiler: It made him scream with hunger and it made me scream with YAY NEW THINGS happiness.
Anyway, we started our mini shopping spree in New Look. Only went and found one of those pairs of £4.99 earrings I wanted, didn’t I?
Then we moved on to H&M where I bought a pair of £6.99 sunglasses to replace the ones I accidentally stepped on last week. Also snapped the baby up a lil £4 navy cardigan and £3 mint green leopard sleepsuit in the kids’ sale.
Our final hit was Primark where we spent £1 on some baby nail clippers, £2.80 on some white baby vests and £6 on an excellent but completely unneeded white tray. I have like six trays, WHY DO I NEED ANOTHER ONE?!
Also spent £3.70 on parking because I’m too lazy for the half an hour walk into town.
I spend the afternoon having a baby-free afternoon in Starbucks with my laptop and fork out £3.60 on an iced vanilla latte.


My day starts off with a hefty hit to the ol’ debit card when I fill my car up with petrol. I go to Tesco so that I can pay at the pump and leave the baby in the car (v v handy) and it comes to £50.75. Anyone else remember the glory days where it cost like £35 or am I wildly exaggerating or am I old and was it shilling and who am I.
I then meet my gal pal Debs for brunch and a catch-up and spend £12 on a cappuccino and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. V wonderful.



I’m in London for meetings today, but my first meeting was cancelled so I’m able to save a bit of dollar and get an off-peak train in. It should be around the £45 mark for a travelcard, but I’ve got a 26-30 railcard (which I think is only available on Greater Anglia at the moment) and so it costs me £31.35.

Because I’m going in later than usual it also means Chris can drop me at the station which saves me forking out for a taxi. I then spend £4.75 on a Starbucks flat white and croissant before getting on the train.

I spend £45 in Primark on a few jazzy bits and pieces, but have a gift card leftover from my last collaboration with them which covers the entire spend. Huzzah!

I’m running incredibly late for my lunchtime meeting (and I am never late) thanks to hideous tube delays so opt for an Uber, despite the 1.9x far increase which costs me a cool £15.72.

I also pick up some brownies (which later turn out to be incredibly gross) from a food market to take home to my boyfriend which cost £6.

And then order a couple of books from Amazon on the train home (an Ella’s Kitchen weaning one – yes, I am v glamorous – and Ruby Tandoh’s one on relationships with food) which come in at just under £20.

Fuck me, what an expensive day.

And we’re not done yet because I have to get a taxi home from the station which costs me another £8. Can I go to bed now and put my bank card away for a bit plz?



I’ve decided to throw a world cup barbecue because obviously and so we head to Tesco to do a big food shop. We snap up all the usual summer barbecue suspects – halloumi, corn on the cob and houmous – but I also throw in a bunch of £5 peonies (it might be the last bunch of the year so seems an important buy, lol sure get a grip Hannah), an £11 tub of baby formula and some cute £1.75 watermelon napkins. It comes in just over £50.

For lunch we head down to the Ipswich street food festival and spend £11 on burritos and a further £3.75 on an ice cream sundae to share.


We tried and failed to make a meringue last night so have to have a morning jolly over to our local Co-op to buy said meringue for today’s dessert. I also pick up some asparagus because Chris harps on about OMG HOW GOOD WOULD THIS BE ON THE BARBECUE, and a few cans of soft drink. It comes in at just over £5.

Later on in the day, I order some flowers from Bloom & Wild for a friend. It’s her wedding later on in the year and she got engaged whilst I was heavily pregnant and I feel like I’ve been utterly shit so want to send something along with the RSVP that says I LOVE YOU AND I’M SORRY. The flowers I pick are £30, but there’s a 12% discount code on site so they cost me a little less.



In an completely unshocking twist, most of my money seems to go on little tit bits of food brought from every supermarket and express version of said supermarkets within a 5-mile radius of my house. And coffee. Lolz.

Want to give myself a bit of a pat on the back for not buying myself any clothes for a whole week. And no, obviously those earrings and sunglasses do not count because they’re not made of fabric and them the rules.

Could work harder to reduce my outgoings but I look forward to my coffees (plus, with a six-month old they’re pretty much more crucial than my five-a-day) and enjoy putting my money towards having people over for food and drinks because it’s fun to make memories, innit?

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