30 Sassy Fashion Buys Under £30

So, first thing to flag up with this post is that at the time of compiling it (Monday 27th November) everything in it was/is under £30. However, as those juicy cyber weekend deals start to slip away into a big dark whole of sadness, some of the things in this post might jump up a little in cost.

Just wanted to clear that up before you’re all like HANNAH THAT SKIRT IS £38 YOU’RE A LIAR AND I HATE YOU AND GET OFF THE INTERNET.

So yeah, that.

Fave things? Mango’s metallic pleated midi skirts – especially that dreamy af mustard one (20). Hubba hubba.

Also a big fan of ASOS’s belted midi skirt (27) which also comes in navy. It’s been sat in my saved items for weeks, and I’m just twiddling my thumbs hoping it remains in stock in my size for after the baby is born and I can’t start to think about y’know, a life outside of maternity leggings.

It’s also worth flagging the Brand Attic cyber weekend discount code – they’ve got 50% off EVERYTHING, and have some super cute dresses (like numbers 12 and 29).

You can see my full list of cyber weekend deals here.

Happy shopping, kids.


1. H&M red blazer, £22.99

2. Topshop studded ankle boots, £25

3. New Look tassel slogan t-shirt, £9.75

4. Mango emerald pleated skirt, £28

5. H&M red quilted bag, £10.99

6. Brand Attic floral midi dress, £17.50

7. Warehouse star-print skirt, £29.25

8. Mango floral dress, £29.99

9. Mango pink bag, £20

10. H&M check blazer, £24.99

11. Monki striped t-shirt, £15

12. Brand Attic floral ruffle dress, £18

13. Topshop embellished heels, £25

14. H&M lace midi skirt, £29.99

15. ASOS cat cross-body bag, £14.40

16. Missguided yellow blazer, £20

17. H&M floral ruffle blouse, £24.99

18. ASOS pink cable knit jumper, £25.60

19. Miss Selfridge slogan t-shirt, £11.20

20. Mango mustard pleated skirt, £25.20

21. ASOS leopard print jumper, £24

22. Miss Selfridge floral print dress, £15

23. H&M black jumpsuit, £13.49

24. Miss Selfridge slogan t-shirt, £9.80

25. H&M mustard chunky knit cardigan, £24.99

26. Topshop embellished satin heels, £25

27. ASOS belted midi skirt, £28

28. New Look velvet star-print dress, £21

29. Brand Attic leopard print dress, £16

30. ASOS pink handbag, £22.40


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