The £35 Winter Maxi Coat

Admittedly, maxi coats probably aren’t a match made in heaven for short gals like me (mostly because what if they drag on the floor and I come home with 17 leaves, some gum and a crisp packet stuck to me?).

But I am all about them for AW17 because they make me feel like a serious grown-up.

Not just one of those fake grown-ups, but a real one who has her shit together and buys extra virgin olive oil and never runs out of loo roll and can do a tax return without eating two packs of cookies to take the edge off.

And this is the one in my wardrobe.

It costs £35, it has this season’s aggressive splash of checks and it’s super comfy.

And obviously, like the majority of bargain finds on the UK high street, it’s from our good ol’ pal Primark.

I was swayed into buying it because so many of the sassy fashionistas who I follow on Insta –  including We Are Twinset, Alex Steadman, and my main boo Chloe Plumstead – have been rocking maxi coats lately and I was like hey maybe this is something I need to delve face first into.

Ever the easily influenced gal as ever.

Now admittedly, I did go up two sizes in this coat, which probably helps loads with the illusion that I’m wearing my dad’s jacket – but it’s purely because they were sold out of the other sizes in the Tottenham Court Road store and I was v keen to add it to my wardrobe, so snapped it up anyway.

At least this way I can wear 74586 layers underneath without the arms getting hideously tight (why is this always a thing?) and it’ll definitely still fit even when I’m nine months pregnant and living in trackies. Plus, it makes it feel a lot like I’m wearing a big ol’ dressing gown out the house which is never a bad thing.

I teamed it with a fluffy jumper, some maternity jeans and last year’s Topshop beret – because if you can’t be a blogger cliche at least some of the time, what’s even the point?


Coat – Primark (in-store only)

Jumper – Primark (in-store only)

Jeans  – ASOS Maternity

Boots – Primark (in-store only)

Bag – Cambridge Satchel Company

Hat – Topshop

Sunglasses – Sunglasses Shop



This blog post isn’t sponsored, but the Primark goodies were bought with a gift card.

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