My Most Worn Under-£30 Fashion Buys

You’ll have likely seen most of these items before – either splashed across the ol’ Instagram feed, or mentioned in previous fash blog posts.

But I wanted to whack them all together in one big sassy post (despite the fact attempting to take the flat lay for this gave me such heinous lower back ache I had to hobble around the house like a 99-year-old for the rest of the day) so that you could see a) what I’m actually getting the most wear out of and b) all my fave budget buys in one place.

I’ve tried to make sure that everything I’ve included is pretty bladdy recent – or if it’s not, that it’s still available in a handful of sizes so that you can actually shop the post rather than just look at it and go COOL STORY, HANNAH.

So without further rambling, here’s my current fave fashion loves under £30.


Unless you’ve been v sensible and deleted Instagram from your life, you’ll have spied that the humble grey check blazer seems to be the autumn fashion blogger buy of choice. It is everywhere. Whilst this exact style is now sold out in everything but a large (which’ll fit a size 14), Bershka also have this mega similar one for the same price that is available in all sizes.

New Look also have an under £30 version, which also comes as part of their curve range.

It’s the perfect throw-on whilst it’s not ~quite~ winter coat weather and looks absolutely slaying with a pair of jeans and a chunky jumper. Ideally with a dark red lip because y’know autumn and basic and what not.



This bloody thing has been coming in and out of stock since approximately 2011. But what’s not to love about a blush pink knit with a super motivational slogan splashed across the front, eh?

Right now you can pick it up over on ASOS in a size 14, or on Zalando for most other sizes.

AND BIG NEWS, New Look have just launched it in grey too which is currently in full stock. And y’know what? It’d looked v cute tucked into a midi skirt, just sayin’.


Because every gal could do with a daily dose of princess vibes, am’I right?

Admittedly I haven’t taken these gals for a lengthy spin, they’ve been more of a popping-to-the-coffee-shop kinda shoe so I can’t confirm how comfy they’d be for pounding the streets of London.

However, they haven’t made my feet bleed yet, so it’s a yes from me. They also come in other colours including black and baby pink.



Why Toppers haven’t launched this striped hun in a non-maternity style I don’t know. But baby pink stripes AND an embroidered slogan got me feeling all hot under the collar when I spied it in the Oxford Street branch last month.

Could you wear it without being preggo? Absolutely, just size down. It looks completely like a normal t-shirt, there isn’t any like, secret pregnant-person panels or weird belly ruching going on just FYI.



When I took the photos for this post yesterday, this skirt was down to £29 in the sale and left in a few sizes, today however, it’s up to £39.20 and only left in a six and a sixteen, so big apols.

(Although La Redoute do currently have £100 off a £200 spend if you’re in the market for either a lot of clothes, or some of their dreamy homeware).

I have hunted out this v similar style from Closet London which comes in at £30. But honestly, the pleated gold midi skirt has been one of my most worn items both before and after falling pregnant – I’m all about the elasticated waist.



Yes, alright, another pleated midi skirt but what can I say – I find ’em super comfy and they make me feel a bit chicer even on days when I feel like a jacket potato.

This one is maternity so has an elasticated back to it (although I’ll 102% still be wearing it post-baby), and is still available in sizes 12 and 14. It also comes in black which is also left in a couple of sizes.

Not pregnant? Well it’s a bloody good job ASOS seem to have pleated midi skirts in every colour of the rainbow then, eh? Shop ’em here.



It only seemed right to include these nipple-tassel style earrings considering I wear them pretty much whenever I leave the house. They are a part of me as much as my eyebrows.

Whilst they haven’t been available to buy online in forever, they do seem to still be available in-store. I spied the gold ones in Ipswich this week, and about five different colours when I was last in Norwich.

If you do want the ease of snapping them up online, Topshop have the exact same ones in orange and yellow available for £14.50.


H&M MEN’S T-SHIRT, £3.99

My bump has now got to the point where most ‘normal’ t-shirts no longer cover it. Which is v handy as you can imagine.

I wanted something a bit longer that I could wear with leggings and chunky cardigans for this last trimester, and found these huns from H&M’s men’s section just the ticket.

I opted for an extra large and it covers my bum (v dreamy when your maternity leggings are on the cusp of being see-through), and they’re a great alternative if you’re not huge on longline bodycon vests.

They’re also great if you’re not pregnant – I used to wear the medium size tucked into my cute mini skirt collection back in my early twenties and much preferred the fit to anything in the women’s section.


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