A Mykonos Babymoon

I mean, I planned to write this post as soon as I got home.

And lol whaddya know I’ve been home two weeks and this has only just gone up. Slow clap for Hannah.

As you’ll see from the images in this post, I didn’t take my camera away with me – or my laptop, or even a notebook. I did a proper old school holiday, the wild type where you focus on relaxing with a book and some sexy poolside beverage rather than trying to get content.

(Although naturally I did ask Chris to take a few outfit snaps for Instagram with the reasoning ‘WE CAN USE THEM FOR THE BABY BOOK!’).

I’m clever, me.

So yes, let’s chat Mykonos.

For those of you who have been lingering around these parts for a while now, you’ll know that this wasn’t my first trip to the Greek Island. I went in 2013 with a group of girl mates and loved it so much I came back in 2015 for a few days of September sun, but had always planned on some day going back with Chris.

It’s one of those places, like New York, where you get really, really excited about showing it to someone you think will love it just as much as you, but also slightly panic that they won’t and then what? Can you really still be in a relationship with them with that kind of ginormous life difference lingering between you?

You’ll all be pleased to hear that I think Chris liked it. I mean, I did ask him every day so he probably felt slightly bullied into being like ‘omg yas love it’, but whatevs.

We chose Mykonos for our babymoon after looking at Santorini prices and doing a little cry into the sofa. Whilst Mykonos is by no means a budget option (lol to nine pound smoothies at our hotel), the flights were almost half the price of flights to Santorini, and so it meant we could spend a little more on accommodation.

We booked the Andronikos Hotel purely for its sterling Trip Advisor reviews. It’s four-star, relatively affordable, and is a five-minute drive from the airport, and a casual fifteen-minute stroll into Mykonos Town which is where all the restaurants/bars/shops are (and yes, there’s even a Sephora and a Louis Vuitton, because Mykonos is one of the most extra places you’ll ever go).

The hotel wasn’t particularly close to any beaches but it did have a v dreamy pool area and a cute array of resident stray cats, so I was in my happy place. Plus, the staff were crazy attentive, it had delicious white interiors and it ran a free evening shuttle service into town in case you cba to risk getting mowed down by a quad bike by doing the journey on foot.

We stayed for four nights – partly because Chris was running low on annual leave and partly because of the cost (extra pricey at the moment because of the v shit current state of the exchange rate) and this gal has a maternity leave to attempt to save for.

You can absolutely do a week there and spend some time exploring the heavenly beaches either by quad, taxi, bus or water bus services, but food and drink does start to add up even if you try and stick to traditional Greek tavernas.

I’m told it’s much cheaper to go as part of a large group and stay in a villa. I can also confirm it’s well worth booking both flights and accommodation in advance rather than trying to find a last-minute deal, purely because it’s such a popular destination that things sell out fairly quickly.

For example, I paid around £250 return for a September flight, booked around a month in advance. But if you were to book now for next summer, one-way tickets start at a v sensible £35. Oh, and you can fly direct with Easyjet from Gatwick or Luton, or with British Airways from Heathrow.

Whilst our holiday was super low-key – we swam, chilled in the shade and named all the hotel cats by day, and moseyed around all the cute little cobbled streets and ate waffles by night – Mykonos is notoriously a party island.

I’ve only ever visited in September (down to prices and because it’s around twenty five degrees which is my kinda beach holiday heaven) which is when the season is starting to winding down, so it’s never felt quite as over the top and full-on as somewhere like Magaluf. But there is the option to go absolutely bat shit crazy on the cocktails and stay out until the sun comes up, if that’s your kinda gig.

One of my fave things about the island though, is the mixture of tourists. There’s everyone from British gals on fancy hen dos, to couples in their seventies over from the States. It’s an island that caters to all nationalities and all ages – although the narrow higgildy piggildy alleyways of the town aren’t particularly pushchair or wheelchair friendly.

I also adore the atmosphere of Mykonos Town in the evening – it’s pretty bladdy beauts because of lots of up-lighting, fairy lights, dreamy flowers and those v impractical streets, but it’s also got so much going on. AND OMG THE BOUTIQUES. I COULD EMPTY MY BANK ACCOUNT IN ONE V EASY SWOOP. The leather sandals. The embroidered maxi dresses. The dainty gold jewellery.

And it’s actually got a vibe. Which I find is something that gets lost in a lot of summer holiday destinations mostly because everyone’s so focused on creating dinner menus that serve 5748576756 different options, each shown off by a snazzy gross photograph from Google images.

And on that note, I’ll stop desperately crushing on Mykonos like some sort of deranged fan girl.

All I’m saying is that it’s good. Really bloody good.

And I didn’t want to come home. I wanted to stay in my little happy buzzy bubble for just a tiny bit longer – aside from the fact that I missed the cats, oh and bagels, and Galaxy Cookie Crumble.

So yeah, I’d love to some more European beach-y recommendations for next year, so hook ya girl up with the places you can’t help accidentally slipping and returning to time and time again.

See ya!

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