Three Books I’ve Loved Recently


As a kid I used to have a book on the go at any given moment. Y’know me, classic noughties gal busy snapping up Jacqueline Wilson reads from the book fair to go alongside the slightly crap things about animals that I’d borrow from the school library.

Anyway, with the internet and y’know, the whole being a busy grown-up thing, I’ve become utterly rubbish at reading.

I mean, not at the actual act of reading – that, I can do – but at actually absorbing myself into books the way I used to.

Which is stupid because a) I find the more I read, the better at writing I become and b) I find a good book more addictive and MY LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER than any TV show I’ve ever watched.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to replace my regular ASOS orders with Amazon orders, and well, yeah, here’s some of the best things I’ve read over the past few months…



I started this delightful crime thriller a few weeks back, whilst lazing in the bath one Sunday afternoon with a face mask on. Y’know how it is.

Anyway, fast forward 48 hours and it was finished. Consumed in a frenzy of WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, I MUST GET TO THE END. (I apparently have no self-control when it comes to actually doing my work vs getting seduced by a good book).

The storyline revolves around a couple and their missing baby, and y’know, figuring out what happened to the baby and who took it and where it is. Admittedly, I did guess a few of the twists towards the end, but it’s still a good and super easy read. Perfect for holiday.

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I’ve been recommended this Bryony Gordon book multiple times over the past year and have always put off buying it purely because I struggle with memoirs. I don’t know if it’s because I find it a kick in the boobs because I haven’t got round to penning my own, or because I always find them lacking something, either way, this book didn’t give me my usual memoir feels.

Whilst I found the first couple of chapters a bit slow, once I was in, I was bloody well in and I couldn’t put it down. It’s hilarious, it’s real and it’s raw and I love the way Bryony puts her entire self out there. She made me feel inspired with my own story and she did that thing where she made me real entire paragraphs out loud to whoever I was with.

I’m excited to read more of her stuff – I’ve heard great things about The Wrong Knickers: A Decade Of Chaos.

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I snapped this one up on a whim from Tesco a few months back, with the plan to devour it on the sofa with a cheese toastie whilst draped in approximately five different blankets, but alas forgot it existed until more recently.

It’s another one of those crime thrillers that gets you reading it obsessively because you just have to get to the end and find out what happens.

I liked it a lot – it’s basically follows the story of a missing school girl and her teacher, and whilst the ending didn’t satisfy me quite as much as I’d have liked, I’d still definitely recommend it if you like something a bit dark and full of suspense.

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For more book recommendations, there’s this post on my fave dark novels.




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