Six Of The Best Crime Dramas I’ve Ever Watched


If there was one genre of TV show that I favour above all others, it’s the humble crime drama.

I mean, let’s be honest here, it’s crime anything. Crime documentary. Crime drama. Crime thriller. Crime books. Crime online stories. Crime chats with my mates. I think I would have made a good police officer in a past life tbh.

It’s a bit of a morbid fascination of mine. And I’d be a bit embarrassed if it wasn’t for the fact that I know a lot of you are exactly the same.

Girl can’t help what girl likes, am I right?

Anyway, these are my absolute fave crime dramas.

These are the ones that I either bulk watched in one solid week, barely stopping to wee or bake a Camembert, or the ones that I made my social plans around because IF ANYONE SPOILS IT FOR ME I WILL HURT A BITCH.

Hope they bring you as much joy and dark fascination as they did me.



The first season of this ITV show is probably one of the best things I’ve ever watched. I was supposed to watch the finale with a boy (some short while before Chris strolled into my life) and he blew me out last minute so I watched it with my flatmates whilst wearing a leopard print onesie and drinking Lambrini. Full of sass as ever.

Whilst the second season wasn’t great, the third season is well worth a watch – if just for Olivia Colman and David Tennant (I mean, mostly Olivia Colman because she is 8389565 levels of bae).

It follows a small British village in the wake of a child’s death and you suspect EVERYONE. For me, it’s the great casting and characters that really make this a must-watch.

You can watch… sadly at the moment there’s no where you can legally watch Broadchurch online for free, but you can buy it through Amazon or iTunes.



The first season of this was good, very good, but not awesome. The second season however was all kinds OF OMG WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON AND WHAAAAAAT?

Because it’s a BBC show, the episodes are a full hour, which is always a massive plus. The story line and characters between seasons completely change, so it’s easy to jump in just for season two if you fancy.

As the name suggests, each season focuses on a missing child, and the details of what’s happened to them unravels through the next eight episodes.

You can watch… season one on Amazon Prime, but you’ll have to pay for the second season as it’s no longer on BBC iPlayer.



This is the TV show I’m currently devouring and hello why did none of you recommend it to me sooner?

It’s another BBC drama – this one focusing on a police officer in Yorkshire and her family, as well as y’know, local crime. What I love about Happy Valley is the fact that I never see anything coming – they never drag anything out, they shock you and leave you desperately trying to remember to breathe.

There’s currently only two seasons, but a third has been confirmed – hopefully for next year.

You can watch… first season is on Netflix, second season you have to pay for. But I was too emotionally involved to just give up on it, so just forked out £12 for six episodes.



First up – there are two versions of this. The original Danish version (which obviously has subtitles) and the American remake. When it was recommended to me a few years ago, I accidentally watched the American one rather than the Danish one, BUT I adored it and upon having a quick Google, can see they have a similar viewer rating. So y’know, choice is up to you because they’re both on Netflix.

As with a lot of programmes, the further in you get with this, the less good the seasons get. But the first two are golden – I devoured them in a very short space of time.

As with the other shows, it’s a classic murder mystery whodunnit which focuses on a missing teenage girl, plus there’s 13 episodes per season which makes it considerably longer than comparable crime dramas.

You can watch… all seasons of both shows on Netflix.



This was another one of those shows I only discovered way after everyone else, while I was taking my first ever scroll through Netflix to see what all the fuss was about.

AND HELLO OK AMAZING. The fourth and most recent season was a bit shit, but the first three are all kinds of awesome (my only criticism is that they’re a wee bit short – there’s six episodes in the first, four in the second and third and only two in the forth).

The show is set in London and  follows DCI John Luther, as played by Idris Elba, who works in the serious crime unit – obviously that means there’s some gripping, shocking crimes, but it’s undoubtedly Idris Elba who makes the show so blimmin’ good.

You can watch… all four seasons on Netflix.



This one is more like a documentary series, and follows a similar kind of style to Netflix’s Making A Murderer, and DUN DUN DUN, I think I prefer this.

It follows an American guy (Robert Durst) who has been suspected of several murders over the years. What makes this quite so addictive is that Robert Durst himself features hugely in the show – there’s various interviews and it’s apparent from the beginning that he was keen to have his say. I mean, I won’t give the game away but he is one heck of an intriguing character and he’ll have you constantly going WAIT WHAT?

You can watch… on Sky Boxsets.


Gimme some of your recommendations please!


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