The Make-Up I Actually Bothered Using On Holiday


Oh hi, me again.

In classic Hannah Gale style I packed a v pretty make-up bag full of sexy af products for our two week jaunt in California.

Ya know the drill, a bazillion different bright fun holiday lipsticks, a highlighter or two, a smattering of eye shadows yarda yarda yarda and then when it came down to it, I hardly touched the majority of it.

Mostly because after I’d taken my afternoon nap I was too groggy to think about much more than what I wanted for dinner (tacos and maybe more tacos).

So without further ado, here’s the things I actually bothered reaching for (I mean, I reached for nothing for the first few days but then got fed up with catching myself in the mirror and being like Y U SO UGLY THO – ain’t nothing better than hormones, eh?).



If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll be no stranger to this little babe station. In fact, I ~think~ this is my third bottle. What’s good about it? It’s super hydrating, it has SPF in it and it’s incredibly light, which is v handy in 40 degree Palm Spring heat.

The coverage is medium at best – it’s more about smoothing out your skin tone than covering your angry period spots, but it means it doesn’t do that gross crusty thing a lot of heavier foundations do. Perfect for every day use, but not so perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more Kardashian.

Shop here.



Two things to note – one, yes this looks very grubby and ahem, well-loved, which is because it is and two, nope, I’ve never gone anywhere near the gel side of this two-part brow product (mostly because I have a clear one that I love v much).

BUT THE PENCIL END. OH MY. Honestly, I’ve ditched my ABH Brow Pomade and my Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift because a) this is so easy to apply, especially if you’re bad at drawing and doing your brows is a ~bit~ like drawing, right? b) it lasts all day and c) I love the shade of the dark brunette one.

Yes dark brunette sounds too dark for blonde hair, but it’s not and what I love most is that there isn’t any orange tones in it which 70% of brow products seem to have for some wacko reason.

Shop here.



Like the hideous last-minute packer I’ve become, I managed to somehow forget to pack a single red lipstick. Well done, Hannah, ten points to Gryffindor.

Considering I wore my red tassel H&M earrings nearly every eve, it kinda made all my hot pink lipsticks redundant, and so Tropic Tonic came into play.

It’s a great goes-with everything coral tone and has fast become one of my most worn MAC shades over the past year or so.

Shop here.



I was sent all six shades from this new release a month or so ago and was pretty smitten with just how pretty they looked. Plus, I liked the idea of them being a highlight/blush in one, which meant I could just be lazy and use one product for that bad boy holiday glow.

In reality, the colours are a little subtle for me (I took Summer Love away with me) but it’d be perfect for anyone who wants a really light, dewy blush. Also v perfect if you’ve gone heavy on the contouring and want something light to finish it off with.

Shop here.



I included this in a lil beauty haul a little while back after snapping it up after seeing a few recommendations from fellow bloggers.

At first the brush terrified me because it’s like a weird comb from the future but once I got over that I was like YOU CAN STAY.

I use it on top of another mascara, kinda like the final act. It’s immense at separating lashes as well as lengthening them and I’m all about that life.

Shop here.

(Cute mirrored tray from Oliver Bonas.)


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