5 Things To Do Before A Big Holiday


I’m writing this with the classic pre-holiday anxiety building in my chest. The anxiety that says LOL YOU LEFT EVERYTHING TOO LATE YOU WEASEL.

The anxiety that tells me that I’m probably going to leave my toothbrush, my phone charger and probs my passport at home because I’m too flustered to leave let along think logically.

The anxiety that tells me I haven’t scheduled enough tweets (or, y’know, any tweets) or pre-written enough content and that I will probably return home to a blog that is full of cobwebs and spiders and maybe a little fox family living in it.

So this post is for fellow leave-everything-til-last-minute-and-panic travellers. We got this.



I mean worst comes to worst you can sort this badger out at the airport, so breaaaaathe.

If you have got time, I highly recommend getting a Revolut card – it’s essentially a Mastercard that you can use abroad and you top it up via an app on your phone. The reason it’s great is because every time you make a purchase it finds you the best exchange rate around and uses that – it’s worked out so much better for money than using the Post Office or Tesco, plus I’ve used it in both the States and Thailand.



Obvs you’ve got to sort your clothes out and make sure everything’s freshly washed, but for our upcoming trip I decided to fuck the tradition of packing all my good pants in my suitcase days in advance and leaving myself with the greying too-small pairs.

Instead I’ve done a night-before pants wash and sweet diggity I feel smug. Sounds obvious, but having to wear your fallback pants in the days leading up to a holiday never feels great, does it? So why bother?



In crazy out-there news, I actually find packing my hand luggage v much more important than my actual hold luggage. If I’m going on a flight that’s more than a few hours long I like to have a pair of fluffy socks, an eye mask and a notebook.

I also pack a see-through cosmetic pouch for my liquids with a lip balm, hand cream, face cream and one of these little pulse point roll on things from Neom. V handy if you’re struggling to take a nap on a red eye.



I wrote a full post last year about holiday beauty prep here, but let’s remember you can always grab a new razor and bottle of gradual tan at the airport, plus there’s always somewhere you can get a speedy manicure.

I’ve just escaped out the house for a gel manicure and pedicure and won’t lie to you, I do feel like a new woman. Those 60 mins just breathing and being pampered have reset my head and allowed me space to actually think about what else I need to do before we leave.



Book your travel insurance (I always go for annual and check websites like MoneySupermarket for the best deal – I normally pay around £25 per year).

Make sure someone has a spare key to your house and ideally can check in every now and then just to make sure that y’know, someone hasn’t accidentally confused you for a v v rich person and attempted to clear out your imaginary safe.

OH and make sure you’ve packed chargers for any phones, cameras, laptops. As well as any prescribed medication and things like plasters and paracetamol ‘cos let’s face it, those new sandals are probs going to give you some wild blisters.


Remind me next time I go away to just create a nice long to-do/packing list in the back of my bullet journal, yeah?



Dress – ASOS | Hat – Topshop (similar here) | Sunglasses – Primark |

Bag – Zara (old) | Sandals – Accessorize



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