Two New Mango Bags

purple bag 3

I planned to write this post about a fortnight ago but alas life did the darndest thing and got in the way.


You might remember earlier this month I had a bit of a whirlwind trip to Paris with Birchbox (it mostly involved mini croissants, sunshine and taking photos of the Eiffel Tower – blogger cliche and all that), and whilst there, I accidentally on purpose stumbled into a Mango store.

Y’all know I’ve been loving a bit of Mango over the past 12 months – whilst the prices can be a little hit and miss, they have the most incredz slogan t-shirts, plus cute dresses with hemlines and cuts that actually flatter a bit of wobble here and there.

Anyway, whaddya know, your girl wandered out with not one but two new handbags (and a shirt with embroidered palm tree breasts because obvs).

So I thought I’d show you them because the quality is pretty awesome, and y’know, they look cute.

(On a side note – Mango is usually marginally cheaper on the continent, so it’s worth having a poke about if you’re on holiday).



red bag 1red bag 3red bag 2

I’ve shown you this little beauty on Instagram a few times – I won’t lie to you, I was hooked in by the little gold ring that made it look just a touch like that v dreamy JW Anderson bag everyone’s toting about.

And whilst I didn’t have a spare grand just lazing about waiting for me to spend it on a new bag, I did manage to cough up the £35.99 for this handsome dreamboat.

It also comes in cream, and fits the daily basics in – glasses, phone, purse, lipstick – but falls short of fitting in my camera.

Dress – Oliver Bonas | Bag – Mango | Shoes – Boden



purple bag 3purple bag 1purple bag 2

I’d been eyeing up the baby pink version of this hunk online for a little while, but when I saw this one in the flesh I was like take my money plz and let me be on my way.

The Mango website says it’s real leather, so I guess you’re really getting your value for money with this one. Although it’s pretty teeny tiny, it’s a super cute evening bag and I really, really bleedin’ love the colour of it. I’m hoping it jazzes up any boring monochrome outfits.

It comes in a mustard colour too, but all three colours are currently out of stock online – defs worth popping into store and having a peek if you can!

Shirt – Mango | Skirt – La Redoute | Shoes – Topshop | Bag – Mango

Earrings – H&M (sold out online) | Sunglasses – Givenchy (ASOS similar here)



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