6 Of The Most Worn Things In My Wardrobe Right Now

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I’m writing this post from a Travelodge. I’m in a Minnie Mouse nightie, I’m nursing a berry Beechams and I’ve just paid £3 for wifi so I can upload this, so y’know, don’t say I don’t ever treat you.

You lucky, lucky sausages.

So yeah, today’s post is about the things I’m wearing most at the moment (aside from my cat’s moulting hair and various sweet chilli sauce stains, obvs).

I shot these snaps with Debs last week when we met for avocado and coffee (no, you’re a blogger cliche) and when I looked back at the images I was like holy smokes, is this the most Hannah Gale outfit to ever exist? EVER?

I dunno. You make your own mind’s up.

But without further ado, let me introduce my current wardrobe faves…



I’ve been living in wild jealousy of anyone who has those Miu Miu sunglasses for about the last 18 months. So much so that I was actually wondering how hideously reckless it would be for someone as clumsy as me to maybe treat herself to a pair at Duty Free? (Answer: V reckless).

Anyway, last week I spied this lookalike pair for THREE POUNDS in the Tottenham Court Road branch of Primark. THREE POUNDS. I am in love. I will bow down to them. They are everything. Only gone and saved myself £200 ain’t I?



I know I included this in a spring fashion round-up last week but seriously, do they do a white blazer anonymous? I’ve washed it twice in the past week too because I keep trying to close the car door with my back and in doing so, drag half of Ipswich across my jacket like a freakin’ pillock.

It makes every outfit feel swish and sophisticated, and the fact that it’s white gives it a spring feel. You can shop it from ASOS here.



I found this grey ‘Trouble’ tee on ASOS the other week (although I gotta say Mango are killing the slogan tees at the moment but they’re like £17.99 so you’ve actually have to think carefully about which one you like most). Annoyingly, this one is slightly cropped.

And actually, I don’t think I’m that much trouble, but maybe you should ask Chris. It’s become pretty useful for throwing on with high-waisted skirts and mom jeans.



I featured this shiny gemstone in a post about a La Redoute discount code the other week and have been wearing it at every opportunity since (although to be fair, when you rarely leave the house – it’s nowhere hear as often as you’d like).

Admittedly, it would have been perfect for the festive season – obvs because of the colour but also because the elasticated waist makes it super comfy and v sensible for sizeable dinners. Shop it here.



Y’know me, love a mini heel, love a bright colour, so obvs I was going to love these Boden hunks. They’re really good at jazzing up a cba outfit when I suddenly realise I’m more monochrome than a chess board and not feeling very me. Shop them here.


Now, this little gem has sadly now sold out on the Topshop website (similar from ASOS here) – but there’s a big emphasis on little because as beauts as this bag is, well, it’s just not an every day bag.

It fits my purse, my phone, my lipstick, and well nope lol that’s about it. But still, it’s cute, eh?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch Take Me Out and set a 3am alarm. Don’t hate the playa…

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Photos by Debs from Bang On Style.

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