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I’ve written two posts about all the things that make autumn so awesome and countless lists about why Christmas is the best time of year, and yet the only thing that comes up when you search ‘spring’ on my blog, is a post about spring detoxing your life.

Like cool, OK Hannah, try not to go too wild.

Truth is, I’m not sure I ever really got spring before. I’m not sure I ever saw the draw, aside from y’know pretty pink blossom trees and the ability to leave your scarf and gloves at home.

But this year, I’ve really felt it. This surge of optimism and hope and excitement. This feeling of awakening after a long slumber. Kind of like a heavy, draining, overwhelming weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And it feels so damn good. It feels free-ing. Like all the bad stuff maybe isn’t so bad at all.

That actually, I am capable of everything and anything. The world is my oyster.

I’ll be driving and a good song will come on and the sun will be shining and whatever’s stressing me out will just melt away as if it never even existed.

It’s a good time of year, a time I’ve underestimated.

So to celebrate spring, and to make the most of the v delicious weather, Chloe and I binned off our usual Friday work date in favour of something a little bit sexier.

We headed to Aldeburgh (which just FYI is *probs* the best British seaside town I’ve ever been to and you’d love it) for brunch, tea, pastel houses, blossom, and sea air.

And for ice cream from my fave place called The Ice Creamery where they smash things like raspberries and Mint Aero and Kinder Bueno into your ice cream. It’s about an 11 out of 10.

And if you need me to sell Aldeburgh to you even more, I once walked past the real life Dumbledore there. We just strolled past each other in the street and he had this glitter in his eye that said he knew that I knew and it was just pure magic tbh.

So, to match the sea (and to pretend I was somewhere far more exotic than the rural corners of Suffolk), I wore a new little bright blue embroidered dress from Topshop.

They’ve just launched a sweet tonnes of new dress styles for spring, including everything from pretty embroidered styles to super pretty tea dresses.

I love the bright blue shade and the smock fit of this one which means it’ll 102% be going in my suitcase for California in June because no-one will notice my In ‘N’ Out burger baby and I reckon it’ll be pretty comfy for long stints in the car, driving up the coast.

Let’s also just take a moment to appreciate this eeny weeny bag – also from Topshop. THE EMBROIDERY THOUGH. It’s sold out online but I found this cheeky fella hiding out at my local Ipswich store, so there’s still some about if you keep your eyes peeled.

I won’t lie, I had to dart out of the way of a lot of cars, old people and tourists for these shots, but it was worth it. This little row of pastel coloured houses is absolute Instagram gold. You saw it here first.



Dress – Topshop | Hat – Topshop (old, but similar here) | Sunglasses – Topshop

Bag – Topshop (sold out online) | Shoes – Topshop | Bracelets – Topshop


P4071389topshop5P4071296topshop 2



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This post is sponsored by Topshop, but all dress love and ice-cream eating v much my own.

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