Do You Feel Like Your Blog Content Is Good Enough?


My Bloglovin feed has looked a little dry of late. Old faces who used to post regularly have slipped away, lost to the world of YouTube, or of living life online, or – more commonly – lost to their own whirling thoughts about whether their content is good enough for blogging in 2017.

Of wondering what they even want from their content and their blogs. Of what they enjoy creating and writing and producing. Of wondering at what point it felt like they fell behind.

The rise of blogging over the past decade has meant that there are hundreds and thousands of girls around the world who have self-taught themselves skills that have enabled them to be their own bosses.

And, the longer that blogging keeps on growing, the longer these girls, myself included, have to hone those skills. To get better at them. To grow smarter and more savvy about the industry.

To hire photographers and invest in snazzy blog layouts. To download high spec editing equipment and better yet – learn how to actually use it. To look at stats and work out what works and what doesn’t.

And in doing so, content has become bolder than ever before. It’s become glossier and more edited. It’s become polished and perfect. And so many of the posts promoted across my Twitter timeline look like they could have been whipped out of the lifestyle pages of Marie Claire or the fashion pages of Vogue.

And that, let’s face it, deserves a round of applause in itself.

There’s a generation of women (and men) who stuck a middle finger at the recession and were like GIRL GONNA HUSTLE AND DO IT HERSELF.

But on the flip side of that we’re faced with something very different.

We’re faced with bloggers who don’t post for fear that if what they put up doesn’t match the ever-growing standards in the industry – then, well, what’s even the point?

That it won’t be good enough. That’s it’s not big enough.

I’ve spoken before about my love of little blog posts. A few hundreds words and a couple of photos about a new favourite handbag or eye shadow palette or breakfast recipe. I love dipping in and out of quick posts as much as I love a 1,000 word heart-to-heart.

I think bloggers like Lily Melrose and Becky from Milk Bubble Tea are actually great at doing that.

And I know that anything they post about they genuinely love, they genuinely use and they genuinely want to shout about.

And I also know, both from Twitter chats and IRL chats that other people enjoy these types of posts too, but they struggle to create them themselves and put them live on their own blogs.

Not because they’re difficult to do, because writing a post about a Toppers handbag is 534756387 times easier than attempting to write 32 reasons why your late twenties are A++, but because the posts don’t feel enough.

The posts feel like little fish in an ocean crammed with sharks and whales and glittering mermaids.

And to me that’s a big super size shame, because those are the posts that first got me intrigued by blogging.

Some days I don’t want to know the 17 products in someone’s skincare routine, I just want to know about the £8 OMG YOU WHAT shoes someone picked up in Primark.

Or the microwave cake recipe they mastered. Or the first impressions of a cleanser everyone’s peeing their knickers about.

So I guess this post is to you gals. The gals that sometimes feel insignificant and inferior. Who sometimes doubt their own content and what they’re doing.

YOU, are enough. Your content is enough. Everything you’re doing is enough.

So don’t let your own self-doubt let you believe otherwise.

Every magazine needs the short, snappy bits at the beginning before you get into the features and fashion editorials.

There’s room for everyone, and there’s by no means a one-shoe fits all for blogging. Everyone enjoys different content, different topics, different tones of voices – and just because you don’t have a £6478563 lens or v fancy new clothes, doesn’t mean you ain’t totally got this.

Go kick some blogging butt.

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