8 Of The Best Things I’ve Watched On Netflix


I could sit and pretend that I don’t watch that much TV because y’know yoga and meditation and charity work and reading books and cooking quinoa muffins but lol, that’d be a bold lie.


I love the way it allows you to escape your own brain, to switch off from your own swirling thoughts. I also love the way it allows you to slump yourself down with a blanket, cup of tea and some biscuits, obvs.

I mean come on, what’s not to love, reaaaaaally?

And whilst I throw out quite a lot of TV recommendations over on the ol’ newsletter (you can subscribe here), I thought it might be nice to put them in a blog post.

Specifically the ones you can actually watch on Netflix because not all of you got drunk that one time on your own and upgraded your Sky package so that it now costs a least a quarter of your soul each month but HEY LOOK YOU GOT SKY BOX SETS.

So without further blabber, here’s my fave Netflix shows.


I’m only about five episodes in, but this Netflix original is set in a small American town and follows the murder of the much loved and v dickhead-ish football captain. It’s a bit dark, it’s a bit silly, but it’s perfect I-don’t have-to-use-my-brain-cells viewing.

Watch if you like Pretty Little Liars or Scream Queens.



I don’t remember this Reese Witherspoon film coming out at the cinema but sweet cripes I cried like an absolute baby watching it the other week. It follows Cheryl Strayed’s (played by Reese) 1,100 mile solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a Sunday afternoon post-roast dinner-where’s-my-pudding-at watch for sure.

Watch if you like Into The Wild or 127 Hours.



I’m a huge sucker for a real-life crime documentary and this Amanda Knox one which focuses is on the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher is one of the most intriguing I’ve watched recently. Amanda herself plays such a huge part in the documentary – giving new interviews and insights into her life – which is perhaps what makes it so gripping.

Watch if you like Crimes That Shook Britain or anything on the Crime & Investigation channel.



Officially the first thing I ever watched on Netflix, I watched this because of a recommendation from my brother, although LOL, I watched the US version rather than the Danish version. I loved it. Every episode (of the first two seasons) had me staying up late just to get through because OMG THE CLIFFHANGERS. As the name suggests, it’s a *bit* dark and there’s a killing.

Watch if you like Broadchurch or The Missing.



There’s three seasons of Luther on Netflix (the best three, obvs) and if you haven’t already watched them then guuuuurl, you got problems.

Luther, played by Idris Elba, works for the serious crime unit in London and plays the typical OBSESSED WITH MY JOB kinda character where he can’t detach himself from the crimes he’s working on. Basically, it’s AMAZING.

Watch if you like Silent Witness or Sherlock.



I stumbled across this documentary just before Christmas whilst inhaling a Chinese takeaway, and it’s definitely worth a watch, although it is incredibly sad and sombre and will leave you feeling pretty emotionally overwhelmed.

It explores the Sandy Hook School shootings over in America back in 2012 and includes interviews with teachers, pupils and parents.

Watch if you like any gritty BBC documentary.



I read the Gillian Flynn novel this film is based on whilst on a girl’s holiday in Mykonos and could not put it down (although admittedly her other two novels are actually even better), so I was always going to love the film.


Watch if you like Girl On The Train or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.


8. 90210

You’ll probs all block my blog from your laptop/phones when you read the statement I’m about to make. I prefer 90210 to Gossip Girl. DUN DUN DUN. Although One Tree Hill is my all-time fave US teen drama (although not available on UK Netflix).

It follows a group of high school students through their relationships/friendships/pregnancies/deaths/car crashes etc etc etc BUT this one’s set in LA and is v addictive. And the cast are just insanely beautiful.

Watch if you like The O.C. or Gossip Girl.


Also big shout outs to the following shows which I enjoyed but didn’t quite make the cut: Stranger Things, The OA, OJ Simpson vs The People, American Horror Story (seasons 1 to 3), Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Making A Murderer.

What are your fave Netflix shows/documentaries and films, eh?


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