Y’know how it is, you mosey into a shop because hey you got 12 minutes to kill before brunch and whaddya know, you swan out £40 lighter with a bag full of goodies that will 102% turn you into a stylish, sassy babe.

So I thought I’d share the handful of things I picked up from River Island last week, because sharing’s caring and all that.

Also, a heads up, nothing’s more than £16, so there’s no need to start stroking your bank account and whispering advance apologies.



I know right, how out of character of me to accidentally bring home a slogan tee. But they’re just so jazzy and fun and I won’t apologise for my obsession.

This one would look super cute just with a biker jacket, jeans, pair of loafers and bright lippy for spring. OH and also super divine tucked into a pleated midi skirt. Oh boy, this little fella is going to get a lot of wear.

Merci Beaucoup t-shirt, £16



I’m trying to get into the habit of wearing earrings, mostly because I think they look mega cute with a low slung bun (my go-to for greasy cba days at the moment so that I can stay in bed for longer).

BUT HOW CUTE ARE THESE. Chris thought they were anchors, but they’re clearly a moon and a star duo which makes them feel a little bit magical and special.

Gold tone star moon front and back earrings, £6



I’m wearing this chappy as I type. I’m in a coffee shop and it’s a little nippy and I’m v much regretting not wearing socks with my Converse, so I’m nestling into my scarf.

I’m a sucker for anything pink, so when I spied this in the sale for £8 it was obvs going to come home with me. I love the way it looks with my biker jacket, but also how it looks teamed with my beige trench coat and a breton tee. And it’s mega snuggly.

Pink blanket scarf (sold out online but there were LOADS in the Colchester store), £8



Another pair of cute every day earrings – I thought these made a trendy (am I allowed to say trendy or does it automatically make me not trendy? TRENDY TRENDY TRENDY) alternative to plain studs.

Layered cute gold trinket-y jewellery seems to be v in at the mo according to my Insta feed, including little hoop earrings, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Although let’s face it, I’ll probs lose these within a week, lol.

Gold interlinking hoop earrings, £6


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