Unless you’ve been living in one of those anti-Hannah Gale caves where you’ve blocked me on every from of social media and you’ve been avoiding my blog the way I avoid really runny poached eggs, you’ll know that I am OBSESSED with two things right now: pleated midi skirts and slogan jumpers.

(And peach squash, but hey that’s neither here nor there).

It’s become my go-to outfit combo throughout December, January and now into February, because a) I reckon it’s pretty flattering and b) it’s super comfortable.

Oh and c) my nan would be all over how warm and covered up my chest is.

‘Hanulla, put a jumper on. Cover up your chest, I no want you to catch pneumonia.’


It makes me feel sophisticated and swishy without having to whip on a prom dress, which is nice.

The cream ‘Dreamer’ jumper in this post is a recent find, which, if you watched my Matalan haul over on YT, you’ll know cost a super sweet £16. I’ve already seen a few of you wearing it over on social media since the haul went up a couple of weeks ago, and it’s SO cute to see you guys love it as much as me.

Because it’s cream and black it goes with everything and I’ve been throwing it on with trackie bottoms for working-at-home days, as well as teaming it with my ever growing midi skirt collection.

For this little outfit I teamed it with a black pleated midi skirt, that blazer I’ve been wearing maybe a little *too* much, and that Chloe dupe bag.

Shoes-wise I’ve gone with silver boots but I’ve been struggling to work out what to wear with this combo whilst it’s still chilly. I think this outfit would look A+++ in sandal season.



Blazer – Matalan | Jumper – Matalan (sold-out online but still in-store) |

Skirt – Matalan |Boots – Matalan | Bag – Matalan



This is a sponsored post but all Matalan outfit love my own.

Photos by Debs at Bang On Style.

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