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A new year, a new chance to grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Whilst I’m not much of a girl for resolutions (because LOL I always used to set super achievable ones like ‘fit into a size 8’ as a naive young adult), I do like to lay some plans, some aspirations, some goals, some things to look forward to. I like to know I have a path to follow, some guidance on days where my head feels foggy and heh can I nap now?

So here’s the things I’ve got lined up in my 2017 game plan…



This is without a doubt the thing I want to focus on most. I made a pact with myself in December to do one kind thing a day, and I’d like to continue that theme for the rest of my life. I want to get better at remembering how the littlest gestures of kindness can make a big impact on someone’s day, or even someone’s life. I want to buy more hot drinks for the homeless, donate more of the things I no longer need, reply to more emails from strangers and check-in more with the people who might need a friendly text to remind them they’re not alone. Twenty-seventeen is the year to think about more than just myself and what I want.



I make a cracking Thai red prawn and veggie curry broth thingy, and this v swell egg and veggie fried rice with salmon, OH and this A+++ chorizo, tomato and pea spaghetti, but that’s where my midweek dinner capabilities end. I want more dinners that can be cooked within 20 minutes whilst perusing Instagram which are going to excite me in the morning when I remember what’s to come later on in the day, y’know?



Over the past six months I’ve really come to feel like Ipswich is my home, not least because I’ve made some really ace friends. People like Debs and Becca and Chloe and Laura and Erica who make me feel like I have a life here outside of my relationship. I want to get better at scheduling in brunches and working days together because I always come away from seeing them feeling like I could take over the world.


I’ve been pining for a new sofa since we moved in back in 2014 and this year I’m doing it. I am. It’s happening. Yup. It’s going to be navy or deep blue, and it’s going to be an L-shape, and it’s going to have monochrome cushions on it and a big gold circle mirror above it and I am going to Instagram it approximately 17 times. Not soz.



I struggle with Hannah-time for two reasons. Firstly, my ‘me’ time up until the past couple of years was always shared with best friends, we’d lounge out in trackies and paint our nails and eat nachos and watch back-to-back documentaries on the ID channel, and so I find it almost alien to have time alone. And secondly because I enjoy blogging, Instagramming and endless social media scrolling it means I’ve sometimes confused it with ‘me’ time. This year I want to learn to switch off and enjoy my own company more.



Thanks to my mild financial set-back last year this bad boys were put on hold, but they’re a-coming, I cross my heart and hope to die (that’s a weird saying, right?). I’ve chosen my sweatshirts, found my supplier, chosen my designs and now I just need to take a giant leap of faith and place the order and pray to the girl boss gods that you don’t all laugh in my face when I launch them. Eeeeeesh.


And when I say drive more, I don’t mean just take aimless drives to Sainsbury’s for Diet Coke, those melon and grape snack pots and whatever’s on offer in the homeware section, I mean proper drives, to people. I want to learn to not notice the two to three-hour drives to the people who mean the most to me. I don’t want months to pass before I see my best friends, my siblings and my grandma, I want to make the effort. To listen to KISSTORY, grab a Starbucks takeout and hit the road.



I think everyone has travel more on their start-of-year lists, but I’d be happy to have my travel in 2017 look anywhere like it did in 2016. Whilst we’re jetting off to LA in June, I have nothing else lined up yet. I’d like to visit Poland with my family as we haven’t been together in over a decade, and maybe take a long weekend somewhere with my best friends – even if it’s just a log cabin somewhere with a hot tub and wine.



I read a quote on Lydia Millen’s blog earlier this week where she spoke about trying to please everyone when it comes to content both on her blog and on Youtube and it really struck a chord with me. She said: ‘Trying to please all of them will result in subconscious changes to your content to suit them, and as a result, losing the very essence of what makes your content different online. So I learnt to take both the negativity and the positivity with a pinch of salt and strike a balance with my content that suits me, because let’s face it, the only person who HAS to read/watch my content is me!’

This year I will be doing more of me. Because I’ve got to be honest, I kind of like me. And whenever I find myself sliding towards the edge of the plank, about to jump into the sea of self-comparison, I will shut my laptop, hide away my phone and remind myself that I am better than I sometimes let myself believe.

Here’s to nailing 2017 and being healthy, happy and kind.

Over and out.



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