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Writing this post feels weird because a) it’s quite possible it’ll be the last post of 2016 as I’m treating myself to some good old fashioned downtime between Christmas and New Year and b) it’s Christmas in like two days and yet it feels like it could be November still.

I feel like the Christmas build up has been going on FOR BLINKIN’ EVER but yet the actual HEY LOOK IT’S CHRISTMAS bit hasn’t even started yet, does that make sense? I think it’s because Chris (and most other people I know) are working right up until 5pm this evening and then woah corr blimey it’s Christmas Eve. It feels odd that we’ve had a full working week rather than Christmas being slap bang on a Wednesday, y’know?

Anyway, hope you all have some wonderful time off and enjoy lots of quality time (and chocolate) with your number ones.

Here’s to the last weekly charts of the year…

G O I N G  U P

SLOGAN TOPS – It’s no big giant whopper of a surprise that I love a slogan top considering I used to sell my own sweatshirts but corr blimey I’ve got to hand it to Forever 21, they’re nailing it at the moment. I bought the cute grey jumper in these outfit snaps for £15, and a v sassy little ‘coffee please‘ one for less than a tenner. The font is super similar to the one I had in my mock-ups when I planned to re-launch my jumpers back in November, so watch this space, they’ll be back. Promise!

HOMEMADE SAUSAGE ROLLS – I mean, the word homemade is probs a push here, but GUYS, I made sausage rolls with some ready-rolled puff pastry and some sausages last weekend and they were the actual bomb. They were one of the first dishes (do sausage rolls count as a dish?) to go at my family Christmas buffet lunch, and I’m fo’ sho’ going to whip some more up tomorrow to keep us going over the festive period. You literally just need pastry, sausages and a hot oven but they taste SO MUCH BETTER FRESH AND HOT. Hubba Hubba.

SHOOTING IN MY SPARE ROOM – Now obvs I’m not going to shoot every outfit post in my spare room because y’know, gotta look sassy and glossy *some* of the time, but I was pretty pleased with the results when I gave it a go last week. It’s super easy to push my desk out the way and set my camera up on a tripod and use my phone as a remote, so I’ll defs be doing it again – even if it’s just to show you a cute new dress over on Instagram.


G O I N G  D O W N

LIPSTICK – Urgh, I don’t like who I’m becoming. Bright lipstick used to be a bit of a HG signature look, but I’ve seemingly stopped wearing lipstick altogether recently and it’s making me a teeny tiny bit sad. I think it’s a confidence thing. I’ve been opting for deep red and orange eye shadows rather than anything on my lips because I’m trying my dang hardest to draw attention away from the bottom of my face, AKA the pit of acne despair. I’m going to try and bring out the red lippy for Christmas Day, promise.

THE BULLRING SHOPPING CENTRE – I’m fully expecting people to hunt me out with pitchforks with this one. I’M SORRY. I took my first venture to the Birmingham shopping centre this week whilst visiting a gal pal and corr blimey, it’s a confusing lay out isn’t it? Whilst it had a pretty smart array of shops (big love to Mango and Forever 21), I found it really hard to navigate. I’d love to hear what shopping centres you guys rate, my current fave is still Lakeside <3

COLD LIMBO – You’re probs like, um hun what’s a cold limbo? Well, I’ll tell you exactly what it is. It’s when your body can’t quite decide if you’re ill or not. I’ve been treading the fine line between bring me tea and cake to bed because I’m poorly and feeling tip top all week. There’s been sore throats and snotty noses, a bit of a cough and a fluctuating temperature, and if my body could just give me a head’s up about whether it’s going to lead to me bign bed-ridden or not, that’d be grand. Thanks gal.

So, on a final note, thanks for all your support, kindness and love this year, it’s meant more than you could ever know. Having a ridiculously brilliant Christmas, and I’ll be back next year <3




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Big thanks to Amber-Rose for taking these quick snaps for me <3

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