Five Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

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Good morning petals. Before we get properly stuck into this post I just want you to appreciate how much furniture moving and back sweat went into finding a bare wall in my house that would accommodate my entire body in shot.

I mean sure, these snaps aren’t as glossy and sophisticated as the outfit pics I’d usually shoot with Debs somewhere around the back end of Colchester, BUT I hope you like them regardless.

Because y’know, I put effort in and that.

As I was showing them to Chris the other night, he was like ‘HUH, do people actually dress up for Christmas Day?’

So if you do HERE YA GO, BABES, and if you don’t, well I hope you get some super sexy new PJs in your stocking to spend the 25th rolling about in.

Here’s five outfit ideas for Christmas Day…





You’ll have seen this badger before from a sponsored post I did with Debenhams a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to include it again because HEY HUN YOU HOT, and also, it has a very suitable amount of breathing (and eating) room. This is actually what I wore for part one of Gale Christmas over the weekend and loved it. Comfy as pjs and yet, just that little bit sassier.

Jumpsuit – Debenhams (now in the sale) | Red shoes – River Island (now only £15)




Yes, alright, I admit it, I got the idea of teaming my baby pink pleated skirt with a matching baby pink jumper from that damn cute outfit snap of Holly Willoughby everyone was sharing a little while ago. Much pretty. This is what I wore for my uni reunion drinks with friends on Friday night. I went for my silver moon boots over heels because ain’t nobody wanna be falling over in front of people they haven’t seen since 2015.

Pink jumper – Boden | Pink skirt – Boohoo | Boots – ASOS | Clutch bag – New Look




Easy to throw on, easy to look like you’ve made one heck of an effort. If the over-the-knee boots all seem like too much because lol your family Christmas is more about board games on the floor than glasses of prosecco whilst stood around your kitchen island, you can always trade them in for a pair of black tights and some flat ankle boots. If you can’t wear a pretty sparkly dress on Christmas Day, when can you?

Black dress – River Island (now in the sale) | Boots – Ted and Muffy



IMG_4310 (1)

Let’s not forget the humble Christmas jumper – cosier than a hug from a polar bear and more festive than the teeny tiny fairies living in Santa Claus’s beard. I’ve tried to make mine look mildly fashion-friendly with a black leather mini skirt and boots, although lol anyone wanna throw this girl some fake tan?

Jumper – Fat Face | Skirt – La Redoute | Bag – Zara | Boots – River Island (similar here)




I mean, this entry is *kind of* a joke, but it’s 102% what I’ll end up in at about 6pm on Christmas Day. Big fluffy jumper, softer than soft trackie bottoms and a big pair of crimbo socks fresh from my stocking (and a belly full of 7657 different cheeses and Quality Street chocolates, obvs). Also, I wanted to give this £11 jumper another shout out because it’s pretty amazing.

Jumper – Tu at Sainsbury’s | Trackies – Fat Face | Socks – No blinkin’ idea




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