Three Pyjama Sets To Snuggle Up In Over Christmas


Pyjamas. Loungewear. Trackies. Sleepwear. AKA the best things in life <3 (aside from maaaaaybe New York and naps).

As I type this I’m wearing number two on my list, and sweet diggity it’s so soft and snuggly that I’m unsure of what scenario would make me take it off. I mean OK, sure, It’ll probs be when I start smelling like an Ipswich gutter in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Anyway, I’m currently eating pepperoni pizza and watching Gilmore Girls with a little hungover boyfriend beside me, and I *think* we’ve hit peak Sunday goals.

I’m planning on getting stuck into some wrapping later on this afternoon and drinking my weight in mugs of tea, and so yes the pyjamas are absolutely staying on <3






If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know I have a teeny tiny penchant for matching pyjama sets, and this cute grey pair is no different. I blinkin’ love me a button up pyjama shirt, and this print is the perfect HEY LOOK IT’S CHRISTMAS, whilst also being subtle and chic.

And also, if you open the door to the postman in them come March, he won’t look at you like you need to get a grip on reality because hun, Christmas was three months ago.

Fat Face star print pyjama set, £48





 Pal, I so wish you could feel how soft these are via the internet, but alas the future hasn’t developed as quickly as I’d have hoped. ‘Cos cor blimey this loungewear set is softer than Rudey’s fur. In fact, I’ve made three separate people stroke me to show them just how soft.

I also wore it for a two-hour drive back from London earlier and it was top knotch. I’m just going to leave a list here of times for when you need a matching loungewear set in your life, y’know in case it inspires you. Long haul flights, hangover days, emotional pizza days, working from home, when you’re ill, long drives, naps.

Fat Face soft lounge hoody, £35 | Fat Face soft tracksuit bottoms, £32 | Fat Face pom pom slippers, £20





Because Christmas day deserves you to literally look like you walked off the set of Elf. V important things featured on these printed pyjama bottoms: Christmas pudding, wreaths, chunky knit jumpers, stockings, gingerbread men and mistletoe.

These bottoms don’t come with a matching printed top, but I just teamed it with a grey tourist-y NEW YORK t-shirt from Times Square. So you could do the same, or y’know just do another classic fave of mine, which is just to wear the top I’ve worn all day to bed. Is that grim?

Fat Face printed pyjama bottoms, £30


Photography by Christoper Coleman (I gave him a lift to the station in return, obvs).


This is a sponsored post but all pyjama love my own – a v super size shout out to that lounge wear set though <3


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