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Oh hey chumps. HOW IS IT TWO WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS? (Or y’know, a smidge longer than that.

I’ve pretty much bought all my presents (and Chris’s presents) and have delegated this weekend to wrapping them, baking mince pies, and watching Elf. HUZZAH.

I haven’t been into London this week, and won’t be next week (until Friday for annual LET’S GET DRUNK WITH EVERYONE FROM UNI day), and as much as I’ve loved all the extra time to get work done and the feeling of not being stressed running through my veins, my god the cabin fever is real.

Why is the grass always greener, eh?

Anyway, here’s this week’s Weekly Charts.

G O I N G  U P

DREAM – I had a really freaky dream about my grandad this week. In it he died and then two weeks later he was in his house, but it was only momentarily and it was only long enough for me to tell him I loved him and I missed him and that he meant the world to me. My grandad actually passed away nearly four years ago and it haunts me every single day that I never got a chance to say good bye, to thank him for everything he had done for me. I was actually written out of his will shortly before he died (along with my brother and sister), and the idea that he could have been thinking badly of us as he passed away is something I find hard to live with. But this dream felt good, it felt like my chance to do things right and to say good bye the way I’d always wanted to.

SOUP – On a slightly less woah over share much, Hannah? note, I’m really into soup at the moment. It’s been my go-to lunch nearly every day for the past fortnight. Sometimes half a tub, sometimes the full tub, just depending on how ravenous I am, and how much I like the soup. I’ve also noticed that I’ve dropped a few pounds too, which is always handy just as I’m about to dive face first into Quality Street and as many cheese boards as I can find. My current fave is Sainsbury’s chicken and sweetcorn. Corr blimey, such a corker.

NEW LOOK – I just wanted to give a shout out to New Look this week because CAN THEY STOP WITH ALL THE SEXINESS PLZ? I keep accidentally buying things because every time I go on the home page it has all my previously viewed items at the bottom and flags up in big red letters everything that’s gone into the sale (which is p much everything). Currently on its way to me is this divine leopard print jumper, but can I also plz give a shout out to this leopard bag and this £15 gold pleated midi skirt.


G O I N G  D O W N

BLOG POSTS – This week I came up with a calendar of content for the rest of 2016, and I’m v happy with the mix of festive stuff, n’awwww reflecting on 2016 stuff, and just general beauty and fashion bits. HOWEVER, I’ve only planned up until Friday 23rd December when my last Weekly Charts of the year will go live. Which means, dun dun dun, there might not be any content at all between Christmas and the new year. Instead of freaking out and working overtime to schedule posts because WHAT IF THE INTERNET FORGETS THAT I EXIST, I’m treating myself to some festive downtime with family and friends. So I just wanted to give you a head’s up that things might be a *lil* quite over here for a week or two. Sorry boos!

INSTAGRAM – Instagram as a whole is not going down because bae <3, BUT I have had a bit of a think about what I enjoy seeing on Instagram, and what, well, I don’t. I like seeing snippets of people’s lives, the captions that feel real and lengthy and like I actually know the person writing them (my two currents faves for this are @erica_davies and @mother_of_daughters). So I’ve had a bit of a clean-up of who I’m following (less z-list celebs and brands I’ve never ever shopped from) and it feels goooood.

WINTER WONDERLAND – I’m still a *teeny* bit gutted that we didn’t get into Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland at the weekend. Although we heard some v amazing carol singers and ate Nutella crepes instead, I was pretty pumped for some rides, mulled cider and general festive tackiness. The queues to get in were over half an hour long (and I’ve never even seen queues to get in before), so if you’re thinking of tackling it, for sure avoid weekends!




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