The Four Times I Feel Crazy, Stupid Happy

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I’m a firm believer that life is what you make it.

You have to find your own happiness, rather than sit around waiting for it to find you. Because happiness isn’t some destination reserved for people with the dream job, a six-figure salary, a perfect family, an enviable body, holidays around the globe and a heart-eye emoji relationship. Happiness is something that happens every day to the people who open themselves up to it.

For the people who keep their eyes, their minds, and their hearts (literally, punch me in the face right now – what are these vom things I’m typing?) open to happiness.

Because I’m not happy all day every day, but I’m happy, even for just a teeny tiny bit, every single day. But it’s taken a lot of training. A lot of forcing myself to see the good in every situation, a lot of appreciating what I already have, and a lot of accepting the things I cannot change.

So here are the four times when I really notice my own happiness. They may not be the glitziest of the glammest, but they’re the moments when I’m like y’know what? Life’s pretty damn grand.



Sounds like a silly one, I know. But there’s very few things better than driving around town in the sunshine, running errands like some swank house wife when HELLO IS THIS AN OLD SCHOOL ASHANTI SONG.

Sweet diggity.

The joy of noughties music is that it instantly makes me think of my teenage self, and makes me feel pretty proud of the little life I’ve carved out for myself. I think she’d like it. I think she’d like it a lot. Even if she did envisage herself as a size 8 with a glowing all-year-round-tan…

I think of all the times I thought I’d never pass my driving test (ah ha third time lucky), let alone own a car with power steering. And I sing. I sing really loudly and really badly and I feel pretty blinkin’ grateful for the life I have, even in the seemingly mundane moments.

If someone had said that at twenty-seven and a quarter I’d be swanning off to Tesco for soup and flat lay essentials in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon because hey look, you work for yourself guurrl! I’d have been pretty damn OK with that <3



I love hosting, mostly because it makes me feel like a warm, motherly Mrs Weasley type and she is one of my top three role models. I’ve always wanted to run the sort of household that’s inviting and kind and cosy and makes people feel instantly at home.

So there’s always this moment when I’ve invited people over – maybe it’s my siblings who’ve traveled up from Sussex for a weekend of Nintendo and nachos, or maybe my school friends and their boyfs and girlfs for prosecco and gossip – when I sit back and think THIS is happiness. Pure, simple, easy happiness. My favourite people in my home, laughing, telling stories, playing games and enjoying themselves. Because really, what’s sweeter than that?



Shut up Hannah you privileged goose face.

I haven’t flown long haul that many times and to me it’s still a super big deal. It’s like a whole new life reserved for Victoria Beckham, Richard Branson and those rich kids at school that got to go to Disneyland Florida in the holidays.

Anyway, it gives me the proper happy butterflies in my tummy (or y’know, maybe that’s the turbulence but whatevs). Whether I’m flying with boo or flying for a work trip, there’s always this moment, hidden up in the clouds away from WIFI or life, where I get all warm and fuzzy and alright yes ok a bit emotional.

I’m usually listening to the free plane music, drinking a Diet Coke and getting close to landing at my v exciting destination and it makes me feel very lucky and look alright I’m going to use the word grateful again – it makes me feel GRATEFUL – every single time.



This is the absolute one. I’m normally smelling a bit funky, there’s eye make up down to my chin, and the cats are attacking each other – but oh man this is all kinds of underrated bliss. I mean, I don’t even care if anyone thinks I’ve got old or boring or too ‘settled’, this is 102% my perfect evening.

We tend to do this on a Wednesday at the moment because we have Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom, The Missing and Grey’s Anatomy, and it completely recharges me.

I think it’s easy to forget to appreciate some of the little luxuries we have – things like having a home that makes us feel safe and sheltered, or a family that makes us feel loved and secure. And when I’m wrapped up in several blankets, drinking a cuppa with my little family, I feel like everything will always be OK so long as we stick together <3

When do you get those little rushes of fuuuuuuck life’s alright, innit?


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