The One Thing You’ll Wear More Than Anything Else This Winter

La Redoute Ile de Re - Amber-Rose Photography 138

La Redoute Ile de Re - Amber-Rose Photography 137

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OK, so maybe the title of this post is *slightly* wrong because let’s face it, you’ll probably wear your bobbly opaque tights and button-up tartan pyjamas more than anything else this winter.

But this cute lil classic leather mini is a close third.

I bought my first leather mini in 2011. It was faux obvs because girl only had about £11 spare in her overdraft, and I wore it religiously. Even though it was so cheap and ill-fitting that it rode up to my waist every time I walked more than three steps, which is v cute if y’know, you want to flash your holey tights gusset to strangers in the street.

Not so cute if you’re going for a slightly more dignified look, mind.

But it went with everything. It was warm. It was kinda chic (if you ignore the whole riding up thing). And it looked just as cool with ankle boots and an oversized chunky knit as it did with heels, bare legs and a sassy little going out-out top.

And get this, guys. It even managed to make my heinously cheesy Christmas jumper collection look almost stylish. Promise.

Yeah huh, the little black leather mini skirt is the only thing in the world (aside from maybe a v sassy pair of raw hem straight leg jeans) that can make your Christmas knit look a little less eighties family festive card and a little more Pinterest queen.

So this year, I’ve upped the leather mini skirt game with this hunk of a garment from La Redoute.

It’s real leather, so although a little pricier (La Redoute sometimes have 40% off EVERYTHING so keep yo’ eyes peeled for a good deal), it’ll last until the time when we’re all flying cars and teleporting to New York for the weekend.

(I mean OK, maybe not that long, but you get the idea).

It’s also got a super flattering ‘paper bag’ shape, which means it nips you in at the waist and then floats over your wobbly bits rather than showing off last night’s Domino’s belly to the world.

Although, guuuurl, there is no shame in a Domino’s belly. Gotta have an extra layer of insulation for the colder months, y’know?

When I shot these photos with Amber-Rose and teamed the skirt with BARE LEGS it was still pretty much summer, and I was sweating out Moules Marinere and French wine from every pore on my body.

(More on my trip to France with La Redoute over here).

But, in case you fancy maybe not losing your legs to frost bite this winter, you’ll be pleased to hear this skirt looks absolutely crackin’ with multiple pairs of black opaque tights layered underneath.

And that’s coming from a girl who’s trying to hold out wearing tights until December because she hates them that much. (It’s the fact that you basically have to walk along holding them up or wear a pair of second pants over the top that really offends me…).

So yeah, leather mini skirt. You need one. Mostly because who can really still fit into their jeans after Christmas anyway?



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This is a sponsored post but I love leather skirts and I need the world to know how A+++ they are.

Photography by the amazing Amber-Rose.


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