Friday Favourites: September 2016



Two things I want to remark: firstly HOW IS IT OCTOBER TOMORROW and secondly, has this been the warmest September on record? I’m still sleeping with one leg out the cover because omg so hot. I’m really excited for when my slippers and ever-growing chunky cardigan collection actually have purpose.

I’m also excited for hot water bottles and hot Ribena and making chicken noodle soup.

Just in case anyone was looking for some happy silver linings to the ever darkening evenings and mornings. Eeeesh.

Anyway, this month’s faves…



Admittedly, I’ve only used this once. But it’s one of those rare products that you use once and are so amazed/omfg/what is this magic by it that you genuinely look forward to doing your make-up just so that you can use it again.

It’s a powder foundation which always freaks me out a bit – and is supposed to last up to 12 hours AND be good for your skin.

Here’s what I’ll say: I used it on top of my Clarins BB cream before filming two videos yesterday and oh sweet lord, wiping the powder-coated sponge across my face was like wiping a smoothing Photoshop tool across my face.

It offered instant coverage and I got to watch my pesky chin spots disappear into oblivion AND it took away all my shine without making me look cakey. It will, for the foreseeable future, be coming everywhere with me.

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If you were spying on my Instagram earlier this week, you’ll have seen this blush-coloured fella making his social media debut.

I snapped it up from the H&M website a few weeks ago BUT it’s currently half price for a limited period so now you have every excuse to go copy me and get one (or three).

It comes in a few other colours including a divine deep Slytherin green, and guys, guys, IT ONLY COSTS £7.99.

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Um, yeah, so September marked the big TWO SEVEN. Uh huh. Here I am, just muddling through my late twenties whilst pleading shop assistants to ID me whilst I’m buying a bottle of Malbec, pack of Lurpack and loaf of sourdough like some sort of hideous suburban trollop.

Although it freaked me out a *bit* (tbh ever birthday after 24 has left me feeling a bit flustered and emotional – sensitive soul, me), I think 27 might be one of my best years yet.

I like feeling stable, I like that I’m old enough to do anything, ANYTHING (aside from get an OAP bus pass), and I like that other people don’t question me for making reckless, immature decisions.

It’s nice, this twenty seven malarkey.



You’ll probably have seen snaps of Emma Gannon’s debut book splashed across social media, and for good reason. Emma was born the same year as me (and Taylor Swift – so OBVS all the best things happened in 1989), and has written her account of growing up as part of generation internet.

She talks about everything from MSN messenger to starting a blog and working in the media industry (and there’s the odd blow job and fuck buddy because obvs).

I think you’ll like it, AND relate to it. One to make your morning commutes a little less dark and y’know, frost-bite filled.

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I was sent the entire 120-piece new lipstick collection from Smashbox – honestly when the postman delivered it I was like WHAT IS THIS HEINOUSLY HEAVY BOX WHY HAS SOMEONE SENT ME BRICKS.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I’m slowly working my way through them all and I will, in the next month or so put together my top three shades because it’s vital you have that info in case you accidentally walk into a Smashbox counter whilst on your lunchbreak and hey look it’s pay day and bye.

My fave so far is this divine every day lip colour – Mauve Matte. I’m going to say something horrible, so please sit down – it’s like your lips but better.

I cringe. I cringe so hard.

But it is, it’s the perfect nude pink shade. It’s what I wore in my latest selfie (no, you’re a basic bitch) and in my birthday present video. AND it’s so hydrating for a matte lipstick.

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When I first launched my blog’s Facebook page a couple of years ago, I gained like 3,000 followers within a couple of months and since then, I’ve had nada. In fact, they’ve been slowly trickling downwards, which is awkward…

So I was like huh? What can I do? I was kind of using the page as a dumping ground – just posting every single blog post on it and not much else which let’s be honest is hella dull.

So I thought I’d mix things up – I’m treating it like an actual personal Facebook page. I post snaps about what I’m up to and little life updates. The odd outfit photo and snaps of Chris and the cats. And then I share one or two links a week – to posts I think you’ll really, really like.

So yeah, if you fancy following, here it is.




Like any girly girl, I’m always instantly drawn to anything that’s either a) pink or b) made of glitter, so it’s no surprise that this pretty little cherub accidentally on purpose came home with me.

It’s the perfect going out-out bag which brings the entire sass party over to your outfit even if you’re wearing a super simple little black dress.

It’s basically like a shining star attached to your arm and what’s not to love about that?

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I used to watch the odd episode of this when it was on E4 but was never entirely sure what was going on, but GUYS, the whole of Gilmore Girls is on Netflix.

So that’s what we’re doing with our evenings. Not watching anything cool and hip and happening like Bake Off or Strictly Come Dancing. Nope, we’ve been snuggling up with blankets, the cats and a few candles (and maybe the odd accidental sweet treat) and watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning.

It is excellent. It makes me wake up in a good mood. It’s light and easy to watch and is gripping enough to pull me away from my own head and my own world and my own worries.




You might have already spied this on a Kat Von D post earlier this week, but I’ve been loving it so much that I’ve actually bothered to do my liquid eye liner every day this week. I need you to know that this hasn’t happened since I was 16 and buys trying to work out if I was a townie or skater.

It’s £16, but SO good. Like, so good. I mean, the entire internet is full of OMG SO GOOD reviews, so it’s not like you just have to take my word for it.

If you struggle with eye liners and feel like you’ve been searching for the perfect one since you were in the womb, then give it a try. It’s like a felt tip, but honestly doesn’t budge all day, and it’s hard to go wrong with.

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Chris and I are always on the hunt for decent local places to eat/drink coffee. And Two Magpies Bakery isn’t exactly local – it’s in Southwold which is a casual 45 minute drive without traffic – but it was highly recommended, so we decided to go explore.

Honestly, one of the best bacon sandwiches I’ve ever encountered in my life. And don’t even get me started on the cinnamon buns.

It gets busy, and the breakfast menu is v small, but it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area to explore the beach or mosey about the cute little bunting-lined streets.

Also pick up a sourdough cob because it’ll absolutely crush your loaf of Hovis.



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