7 Skincare Tips I Wish I’d Learned Sooner


If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that recently my skin has been a bit like hey hun, you like volcanoes right? RIGHT, RIGHT?

The thing is, it’s not like, my entire face. My forehead, nose and cheeks are busy being glowy, smooth little rays of skin that could have come straight off a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a magical, beautiful Veela like Fleur Delacour.

Soz, any excuse to squeeze in a Harry Potter reference, you know me (it’s ‘cos I’ve been spending way too much time in the bath listening to the audio books again recently… no regrets).

So I thought I’d share a few of the best skin tips I’ve learned in my lifetime, seeing as y’know, I’m now in my late twenties and definitely 100% a real adult with wise opinions and stories.

And hey, just because my chin acne has a life of it’s own, doesn’t mean I don’t know a few tips and tricks…


1. If your skin is doing that thing where it looks like an inflamed, decaying piece of leather that’s been run over by a truck (usually bought on by a serious hangover or a long haul flight, weep) – there’s nothing that will restore it to it’s former glory better than a litre of water, a really hefty slather of an intensive overnight oil and a solid eight hours sleep. Uh huh oil. Even if you have naturally greasy skin. It’ll hydrate, soothe and repair your skin whilst you sleep and it is absolutely the one. This Sanctuary Spa one is my current squeeze.

2. The best way to get a bit of gentle exfoliation into your skincare regime, without making your face look like it’s been savagely attacked by a piece of sandpaper? A flannel. I have ten in different colours of the rainbow, each less than a quid from my local supermarket. They take the dead skin off my face whilst I cleanse, leaving me with a super smooth base for foundation.

3. Black head removing strips and those little metals tools that squeeze them out are fun and satisfying in a gross YouTube video kind of way, but they’re about as good for your skin as scraping your face against a cheese grater. Eeesh. Back. Away.

4. Making yourself a face mask out of a cream aimed at nappy rash won’t do anything aside from y’know, dry your poor little face out. Although it is kinda lol when you forget you’ve put an entire pot on your face and answer the door to the postman. No, YOU look like you’re dressed as a zombie for Halloween.

5. Whilst make-up wipes seem like a fun and easy idea because HEY LOOK YOU CAN KEEP THEM NEXT TO YOUR BED, they actually only remove the top layer of your make-up, lolz. I didn’t believe this until the first time I ever decided to cleanse my face and wash it with a warm white flannel AFTER my wipe and lol, the flannel turned a sweet shade of foundation colour. Morale of the story: use a micellar water and cotton wool to take the worst of it off, and then use water and an actual real-life cleanser (I love an oil or balm cleanser, me) to finish the job off.

6. Even though there’s something morbidly soothing about laying in your best mate’s (or mum’s) lap and have them squeeze at the hormonal pimples doing their thang in your t-zone, dirty fingernails carving holes in your face isn’t going to achieve anything aside from y’know, making your face look like a gigantic slice of chorizo.

7. When it comes right down to it – no-one is staring at your face and its ‘flaws’ the way you are staring at your face and its ‘flaws’. You’ll be your own worst enemy and see everything in a much more hideous light than the way the rest of the world will. So pull on your sassy pants, put on a slick of lipstick, and remember that with or without a few pimples lingering on your chin, you’re an absolute queen.


Sanctuary Spa facial oils are currently up to £5 off in Boots til the end of September, just in case you do fancy treating yourself to a little summin’ summin’ for your skin this pay day.


This is a sponsored post, but all oil love and skincare tips my own <3






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