8 Ways To Get More Hygge In Your Life This Autumn


Hygge is very much the ‘it’ word of the autumn and I for one couldn’t be more bloody excited about it.


(That’s how you pronounce it, just FYI).

For those still in the dark, and I mean I’ll let you off this time because maybe you’ve been on holiday or living your life or only entering the internet to look at videos of cats, it’s a Danish word that encompasses all the best parts of the colder months: the cosiness, the quality time, the snuggling and the food guaranteed to add an extra store of fat to your body frame.

I’m not an expert in hygge because heck I haven’t even ever been to Denmark (lol, soz), but I like the idea that there isn’t a wrong way to practice it. The idea that so long as it makes you feel calm and centered and happy and warm, you’re doing it right.

So maybe that’s not hygge, but it’s the Hannah Gale version of hygge.

I’ll stop saying the word hygge now, promise.

Here’s all the key things you need to welcome more of it into your life this autumn…



A lot of other European countries have their own words and versions of hygge – some feel it more in summer and some feel it more outdoors or in pubs, but for the Danes it’s an in-your-own-home kind of set-up. Or y’know, in the home of someone you love and feel comfortable around – like a best friend or sibling.

So get your comfies on and stay in. It’s cheaper AND there’s no getting sleeted on whilst waiting for a cab in a dress so thin you can basically see your nipples.



According to Meik Wiking’s The Little Book Of Hygge, candles are the number one thing Danes associate with hygge. And not just one super sexy and expensive Jo Malone one either, at least FIVE. Dotted around the room to create that sexy chilled out vibe that makes those dark evenings oh so magical.



It’s not just about the candles either, it’s about turning off the main light and creating a warm glow with well placed lamps. We have a cute table lamp in our lounge but I’m hoping this might be the push Chris needs to let me invest in a floor lamp to go next to the sofa *prays to the homeware gods*.



Apparently peak hygge is experienced with between three and four people – so maybe a handful of gal pals or a little homely double date, rather than y’know a full-blown house party. It’s about people you feel yourself around, people you know to the core, rather than y’know, trying to make new bezzies awkwardly from different sides of your sofa.



It’s all about not denying yourself, of having a treat without completely overdoing it and stuffing so many carbs into your face that you *might* do a sick. Slow-cooked hearty food like lasagnes and stews with dumplings and mashed potatoes and omg so ready for autumn now please.

It’s also about sweet treats – a little slice of cake or a Danish (wah-hey) or my personal fave – the humble cinnamon bun.



Apparently after candles, the thing Danes most associate with hygge is hot drinks. So I guess that makes a bloody brilliant excuse to whip up the thickest hot chocolate known to man and top it with half a can of whipped cream, some marshmallows, a flake and maybe a little cinnamon bun for good measure, y’know? Or you could just have a pint of hot mulled cider <3



If there’s one thing it’s absolutely not about it’s discussing whose Instagram grid you like most or checking your emails every 7.2 seconds. It’s about relaxing and switching off. Whether that’s by reminiscing about favourite memories and getting excited about future plans or whipping out a board game or even your fave boxset, that’s up to you.



Bit fuming I almost forgot about this v important part of hygge, but omg yes, the best excuse to accidentally spend the entire contents of your bank account in Primark home.

I dozed with two blankets on over the weekend because why have one when you can have two, eh?


I think the important thing for me is to seek out and create hygge-like situations until it becomes part of my routine, y’know?

To invite people over for pasta and a bottle of red shared whilst sitting on the floor with the fire on. To light all our candles at once and bake cookies for a cosy Sunday evening with Chris. To push myself to incorporate it more into my every day life and make an effort to find myself in moments where I’m like FUCK, this is it, this is the good stuff, this is the good life.


So tell me, what are your thoughts on it?


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