Dear Diary: A Pretty Perfect Weekend At Home


One of my best friends at uni used to constantly refer to me as a ‘social butterfly’. I like to organise things, to host, to bring people together, and to help people make some pretty slammin’ memories. I mean, if you want to go a bit creepy and deep, it probably all goes back to my endless need to make people like me, or whatever.

I love spending time with Chris, but after five days of mostly working from the dining table by myself, I’m usually ready to submerge myself face first into groups of people and wine, all the wine.

But this weekend, we did the opposite.

It’s our last weekend where neither of us have plans until deep into October somewhere, and so we decided to treasure it. To have it as a chilled-out weekend just the two of us.

And you know what? It felt like it lasted FOREVER. It just went on and on and I was actually feeling prepped and ready for Monday battle this morning. At my laptop with a cup of coffee by 7.30am (insert a string of girl boss emojis). And I felt super rested. And I didn’t get bored. Oh man it was gooooood. And so, I thought I’d detail what we did in case you’ve got a lazy OMG WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH OUR TIME weekend coming up and want some inspo, or y’know, you just want to be nosy because nosy is fun.


Friday nights are usually slob in front of the TV and eat dessert night. Or hygge night as I like to now call them because I’m hip and fun and young and trendy like that, lol. But the weekend always¬†feels like it stretches on for longer if you make the most of your Friday night, and so, rather than wait for Chris to take me out for dinner, I took him out for dinner.

There’s some new restaurants just opened in Ipswich which were sadly fully-booked, so Chris suggested we go to a little Turkish place a few roads down from us so that we could walk rather than get cabs. And y’know what? It was SO nice to eat houmous and olives and inhale a bottle of wine and just chat. To not be distracted by phones or cats or chores.


I’d like to say we stayed up drinking night caps and discussing world affairs, but nope. I’m all about the early night these days.


We’d been recommended Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold for breakfast by a few friends, but also knew that it got super, super busy, so decided we’d try to arrive bang on opening at 8am.

It’s about 45 minutes away on the Suffolk coast, north of Ipswich, and is such a pretty seaside town, lined with bunting and sandy beaches and unique little shops.

We devoured two of the best bacon sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, along with cappuccinos, and snapped up a loaf of sourdough and two cinnamon buns for the rest of the weekend. Omg so good, you must get your little tooshes over there.


This is the most tiresome part of our week, but something we do every single Saturday morning – clean! Chris cleans the litter trays and does the hoovering, whilst I clean the kitchen and sort out the washing and change the bed sheets and attempt to give the bathroom a once over.

But then when you get to sit back with a cup of tea and cinnamon bun at the end it kind of makes up for it. Adulting, eh?


I admit it, the half a bottle of wine from the night before all got too much for me and I needed a little power nap. I thought about dragging myself for a swim, but the sofa and documentary channel were too overwhelming.

Chris headed out for a couple of hours to meet some uni friends for lunch, and I wrapped myself in TWO blankets instead.


I spent a couple of hours whipping up the sexiest, cheesiest lasagne known to man for dinner. OMG so good. We ate the leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

There’s something so good about actually having time to cook up something that takes more than about 12 minutes, y’know? It’s like proof that you’re an adult and have your shit together, even just a little bit.


We moved our ottoman to our sofa so that we basically had a downstairs bed to lay on, surrounded ourselves with candles, and FINALLY caught up with Pretty Little Liars. AND WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT FINALE. We then spent about half an hour scrolling through internet articles with PLL conspiracy theories, naturally.


Crawling into fresh bed sheets with the windows open and rain pouring down outside is one of those completely underrated things in life. I was lying there like is this the peak of my 2016? Because if it is then I’m a-OK with it.


We had a mini lie-in, only interrupted by me bringing a tray of coffee to bed, and the cats moseying on up to join us. The cuties. It’s the first time all four have us have been on the bed maybe ever, or at least since Granger was a kitten. Family goals right there.


I won’t get too detail-heavy, but basically we got the car cleaned, did a weekly shop, more clothes washing and I got very well acquainted with the ironing board. Much excite.


I broke all the rules and had a daytime bath because WHY EVER NOT? I crumbled in half a LUSH bubble bar and lit a little candle and just chilled out, catching up on my Bloglovin feed.


Chris and I are taking turns to bake each week whilst The Great British Bake-Off is on, and so this week I decided to make peanut butter cookies.

Oh man they were sexy. I mean, full of more sugar than I’ve probably spooned into my tea in my entire lifetime, but sexy, really sexy. I took some photos of them, so I’ll whip up a recipe post this week.


Chris worked on a new blog post whilst I uploaded my brow tutorial video (over here), shot a few photos to use for posts this week, and started writing my book proposal. I had tea and peanut butter cookies to motivate me, don’t forget.


If there’s one show I am utterly obsessed with at the moment it’s The Tunnel. I’m a little late to the party, but oh jesus it’s SO good. So dark, so full of unexpected twists, so addictive.

We’ve just started the second season, and watched a couple of episodes on the sofa before heading up to bed, and I totally recommend it if you’ve got access to Sky boxsets.

What would you guys add in to make it the perfect weekend? I’d maybe include a roast dinner and a trip to the cinema. OH and maybe a proper Sunday walk!


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