11 Things To Do This Bank Holiday Weekend


I wasn’t going to upload a post today. I was trying to test my anxiety by seeing woah what happens if you just don’t upload one day, will the world explode? Will you go down to 7 followers on Instagram? Will no brand ever email you again? Will you still be a happy little bean?

Turns out life is exactly the same. But whilst I was washing up after a handsome dinner of rice, chicken, chorizo, guac, peppers and sour cream, and watching Chris put up a gazebo in the garden three days before our party like a right keeno, I had a wave of inspiration.

So yeah, I thought I’d throw this little mini list out at the internet because why the heck not.

And then I’ll make a thumb for the ASOS try-on haul going live in an hour or so (YouTube over here, gals), and then I’ll settle down to a crime documentary with an ice-cold Diet Coke and maybe a candle. I mean, to burn, not to like, chomp down on.

Anyway, here’s a few ideas for our last three-day weekend until Christmas.

All the sad faces.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccino. Uh huh, you heard right gal pals. Officially Starbucks’ PSL doesn’t launch until 1st September when autumn supposedly begins, eeeesh, but it’s available for the next week to reward card holders. I am not a reward card holder, I just asked nicely and the person in my local branch happily obliged. But seriously, I implore you to try the frappuccino version, so wrong but oh mumma, so deliciously dreamboatin’ good.

2. Eat outside. I mean it might not be the last hot weekend because let’s face it, Great Britain throws out a corker of an Indian Summer, but y’know, let’s not risk it. Have a barbecue in the garden (with plenty of halloumi obvs), grab some pals for a picnic, or just eat fish and chips on the beach.

3. Have a phone free night. We’re all guilty of ooh has that boy text me back and ooh how many Instagram likes did my last photo get and ooh wonder if there’s anymore blogger spats going on over on Twitter, but you know what’s nice? Real life, off-line life with the people you love most. Have an actual conversation with eye contact, actually listen to a friend’s entire story without drifting off to your phone. Take in people, enjoy them rather than wasting them, they won’t be around for ever.

4. Go for an adventure. It can be as wild as an overnight stay in a hotel 100 miles away or as tame and sexy as a spontaneous drive to McDonald’s at 10pm for a McFlurry. Do something silly and exciting that makes your belly flutter if only for a couple of minutes.

5. Have a TV binge-watch session without feeling guilty. I find on ya standard two-day weekend sometimes I can’t lie on the sofa and just aimlessly chain-watch things without thinking about work or the ironing pile or the fact that y’know, I should be out of the house living my life. BUT THERE’S THREE DAYS, so watch an entire season of something, watch documentaries until you are as wise as Dumbledore, enjoy your TV like the good old days of summer holidays.

6. Eat the biggest ice cream without worrying about blah blah blah will I look good in a bikini. Buy a sundae with brownies and hot chocolate sauce, eat it until your jeans feel like they might rip into 754897 pieces. Just promise me you won’t sulk afterwards because calories. If you can’t treat yo’ self on the last weekend of summer, when can you eh?

7. Get drunk. I mean, not so drunk you lose all sense of who you are and lie down in the street, but get a little drunk. A good kind of giggly, telling-too-many-stories drunk. Because gal, you’ve got an extra day to recover from this grown-up hangover. Hurrah!

8. Make a list of all the reasons you’re excited about autumn. Not to wish your life away, but because some of you, like me, will find the autumn months harder to cope with emotionally. Love you SAD, boo. It’s a nice idea to enter the darker season armed with a go-to list of things that will pick you up – things like candles and mulled cider and sparklers and new ankle boots – rather than dreading it.

9. Get rid of some of the stragglers hiding out in your wardrobe. Got summer dresses from a few years back that you never got round to wearing this year? Do you really even like it? Or need it? If not, get that straight out to the charity shop, car boot or on eBay. Because the more you get rid of the more you can buy, right?

10. Have a lie in. Yeah, you could be productive – and you will be productive, on the other two days – but what’s better than staying in bed until midday? Just lazing there, watching the sunshine outside, and maybe having a tray with mugs full of coffee balanced on the sheets. Oh baby.

11. Play games. I mean, I dunno about you, but we don’t crack out Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity or Mario Kart 64 anywhere near as much as we should. It always seems like such an effort compared to using our free hour to slob on the sofa on our phones. But games are pretty much the best thing in the world after carbs and people you love, and yeah GAMES GAMES GAMES.


What else should we all be squeezing into our bank holiday weekend?

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