Nine Clothes Shopping Tips I Swear By


I’m sure you don’t need any help buying clothes. Or shoes. Or expensive make-up that’ll only hide at the back of the drawer somewhere until HEY, LOOK WHAT I FOUND, better Instagram that.

Because let’s face it, buying sassy new things that we believe are somehow going to make our lives happier and better is something us millennial gals are so bloomin’ good at.

Hashtag proud.

I like fashion. I like fashion that isn’t going to leave me with bile rising in my throat every time I check my shopping balance. And most of all, I like fashion that actually fits and doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve literally popped out for dinner in a cheap, shiny bin bag.

So, I thought I’d share a handful of my shopping tips because who doesn’t love a midweek enabler, eh?


1. The first one is going to make me sound like your mum, or maybe your nan. Heck it’s probably going to make me sound like your great grandma Doris who has three cats, smells slightly like wee and really likes custard creams.

But corr blimey, the M&S sale is something else. The online one if we’re being particular. First up, I love the M&S website, it’s super easy to navigate and use, and secondly there are so many gems released each season which end up going into the sale at about a third of the original price.

Y’know that infamous Harry dress from the Alexa range? It went down to about £15. FIFTEEN POUNDS. I ordered it in the wrong size (always go down a size at Marks & Spencer, babes) and then they sold out. There’s currently 733 items sitting and waiting for you to sift through, promise you won’t be disappointed.


2. This one’s a newer discovery for me but omg Mango t-shirts, so much goodness. And they start at just £10 a pop.

Not only do I love the way they fit, but they have the cutest slogans and drawings on them that make them just that teeny tiny bit cooler than your average grey tee. The two you might have seen on my Instagram are this NYC one and this cat one.


3. Here’s a secret from pretty much every outfit photo on my blog from 2016 – Primark’s version of Spanx. Oh baby. I snapped up one of these nude thongs earlier this year to wear under a particular dress, and now I pick up another one pretty much every time I go into a store. Lucky Chris, eh?

They pull you in just the right amount for every day wear. They don’t hurt or make you feel sick or anxious that you might be cutting off circulation to somewhere important, and they create a nice silhouette on ya curves. I don’t remember my life before them tbh.


4. For jeans, my heart goes to the baes over at ASOS. Partly because they’re reasonably priced, partly because they stock everything from classic skinnies to raw hem girlfriend fit and thirdly because most of the time I can fit into a 12. Huzzah!

They are my go-to for petite length jeans, and they tend to last longer than my previous Topshop ones have. The one thing I would add is that it’s best to order a couple of sizes as every style is super different. My faves are the Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans and the Ridley skinny jeans <3


5. This wouldn’t be a British high street shopping list without a shout out to my girl, Primark. And I get it, it’s scary sometimes, it’s full of people, too many people. and there’s clothes on the floor and omg it’s so vast and big and are you lost? But there is a right way to tackle it and a wrong way.

The right way is at about 9am on a Tuesday morning. I get that that’s not a time that’s available to everyone, but it’s 100% the best. It’s quiet and it’s clean, heck it’s almost serene.

I find the best way to venture into Primark is with completely free hands – no coffee, no phone, no other shopping bags – with a cross body bag and flat, comfy shoes. Look at it as an adventure course, and dress accordingly.


6. Because New Look has some absolute corkers for an absolute steal of a price, they tend to sell out like really, really quickly online. My top tip? New Look’s stuff is also stocked on ASOS (as is Mango and River Island), and so if you can’t find the thing you’re looking for on the actual website, try hunting it out on ASOS too. It’s helped me out on many sad, desperate shopping situations.


7. I harp on about the Z for Accessorize collection all the time but I get the impression people glaze over it like OK Hannah, cute story. But it is LIFE. If I can explain it in a sentence it’s fashion-led dainty jewellery – earrings, bracelet, rings, pendant necklaces – that comes either in sterling silver or gold-plated and it starts at like £8. Which is amazing for, y’know, gold.

Anyway, I have a stud earring collection from there, two bracelets and two necklaces and yeah, it is amazing. Even more amazing when it enters the sale at half price…


8. Another super recent discovery is the Freya Fancies collection, which is basically a lacy mix and match underwear collection. Sounds pretty straight forward and non ground-breaking right?


For some of you this is just standard life, but I’ve never had a bralette before that my boobs weren’t just crying to escape from. And it looks nice under clothes, like my boobs don’t turn into saggy misshapen mounds of sadness. They look, y’know, good. The one I own is purple, but next on my list is a saucy little black one.


9. Sometimes I just sit and scroll through the ASOS new-in section like it’s my Twitter feed or like a news website or something, come on, someone tell me I’m not alone here?

I add things that HELLO YOU SEXY SWEET BOO to my saved items as I go. And alright, your saved items only last 60 days but often that’s long enough for things to enter the sale. Or y’know flash up with ‘low stock’ so that I panic buy it, because the heart lusts after things it can’t have, right?

It’s a great way of keeping track of things you really, really like but lol, your girl ain’t got £60 for a pair of ankle boots right now until hey look, look they’re £40. *Does a little happy dance*


Have you got any top shopping trips you wanna share with me plz?


Skirt – Zara | Bag – Zara | T-shirt – Mango | Shoes – old Schuh (similar here)

Photos by Bang On Style.




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