Friday Favourites: July 2016


Oh July.

July, July, July.

I had such high hopes for you. It was my chance to relax a bit, get stuck into work and routine and home life, to almost hibernate and come out stronger than before. I’d had a busy few months, and July was my chance to take some time out, catch up on emails and feel inspired again. To feel like I was owning it.

But the reality has been different. Without the pressure of time, I’ve kind of struggled to find the motivation that has pushed me through the year so far. And instead I’ve fallen into a bit of a funk that has been so hard to snap out of, no matter how many times I pep myself that YOU GOT THIS, BOO THANG.

I’ve been relying on KISS FM and candles and pots of tea to push me through and keep me going, to keep the posts coming and the videos edited and the tweets scheduled.

If anyone finds Hannah Gale circa July 2016 can you please send her back to Ipswich please? I need her to shake my shoulders, tell me I’m being a massive loser, cram a McDonald’s double cheeseburger into my gob, give me a large glass of red and tell me to pull my shit together and quit acting like a lame face.

Might put up some missing posters soon tbh.

But aside from my own head, life is actually pretty bloody dandy. We’ve booked a mini break to Barcelona for my (27th – what? when? how?) birthday in September AND I’ve got loads of pretty bloody sassy summer plans with my gal pals planned over the next month or so. So I better find a way to turn that boring old frown upside down, eh?

Anyway, this month’s faves…



I have something to admit – there are very very few ‘funny’ TV shows that I actually find funny.

Anyway Friday Night Dinner is one of the only things that genuinely makes me snort a little bit and I’m throwing all the HUZZAHs about because a new series has just started on Channel 4.

It’s on every Friday from 10pm and features Will from The Inbetweeners and omg it makes my life. I’m creasing up just thinking about it.



I snapped up this little fella earlier this year as my go-to every day nudey-pink matte lip shade and was happily going about my life when one day it disappeared. Just like that.

I mean, I tried to move on. I tried to fall back on other lipsticks already in my collection, I tried to forget about my one time crush that could have been the lifelong love that got away. But I was always left pondering, what if.

AND THEN, whilst putting together a new set of drawers for all my beauty products and moving our bedroom around, I spied a little MAC lipstick just chilling, hidden out of sight.

And just like that, we’ve been reunited and I’m not sure she’s left my handbag ever since. The BEST every day, all-occasion shade in all the land. Shop here.



I won’t lie, Sainsbury’s homeware is up there with H&M and Oliver Bonas for me – it’s one of my fave places to scout out hidden gems and they always have SUCH good sales.

Anyway, one of my fave current ranges at good ol’ Sainsbo’s is this sweet outdoor dining cactus-themed range, which includes everything from plastic plates to cute sippy cups (I have officially replaced my old one for this prickly fella) and food covers.

My fave thing when I’m ahead with work – head out to Sainsbury’s for a cold Diet Coke, a bunch of fresh flowers and a little snoop round the home and stationery aisles. The dream. Shop here.



A week or so back I had an afternoon at the seaside with Jodes and Becca – it was one of those days where I needed to escape the house and my own head more than anything else.

Anyway, we headed to Aldeburgh, which *might* be my fave seaside spot ever (it’s about 45 minutes north east of Ipswich), and lunched, took snaps for Insta and then fell upon the greatest ice cream shop of all time.

You choose an ice cream flavour from a selection of about 10. Y’know, there’s all the classics like chocolate and vanilla and honeycomb and that – and then you choose your mix-in. Or mix-ins, if you’re feeling fancy.

They smash your mix-in into your ice cream and then voila, custom ice cream flavour and it is DIVINE.

I went for white chocolate with fresh raspberries and it was maybe the best ice cream I’ve ever inhaled. Sweet diggity.





If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll be well aware of my ever-growing crush on Mango.

And yes, it makes me feel like an actual grown woman who drinks fancy black coffee and wears mid heel black shoes, because Mango has always seemed like it’s 102% for adults.

My latest mini haul included two cute £9.99 slogan t-shirts (big up to this grey cat one which you may have spied on Insta), and a cute little cactus clutch. Oh man, I’m a cactus whore, aren’t I? Or maybe a cactus bore?

Anyway, I was tempted by the matching beach bag for my Barca trip, but stuck to just this babin’ £4.99 pouch. Oh and FYI, there’s also a flamingo version.



A lot of you have been asking which mascara I’ve been using lately and soz boos, I’ve got something to admit – I had lash extensions applied a few weeks back.

They’re the SVS treatment from Noveau Lashes which launches across the country in September and I honestly couldn’t recommend them more.

Prices start from £49 and they last up to six weeks. Not only has it been nice having decent lashes for once, not having to remove mascara or deal with black smears under my eyes every day has been an absolute bloomin’ dream.



Sigh, another product I really wanted to roll my eyes at and hate, but alas no.

How can any clear brow gel be better than another clear brow gel, y’know?

But this annoying little tinker is. And like so much better too. It literally gets to every tiny brow hair and separates it and does sexy things to it and it is PERFECT if you want a bushy, fluffed up brow look – like my current brow crush Chloe Moretz.

I use it on top of my ABH brow pomade, but I’d be very tempted to give the tinted brow gels as whirl… Shop here.



I’ve mentioned these in a few blog posts of late, but wanted to give them another little round applause. Jolly good show you guys, jolly good show.

I managed to lose my round black Ray-Bans earlier this year (although they could be lurking somewhere in the house – I have checked every single handbag and coat pocket, sob) and then I spied these absolute lookalikes in the Ipswich branch of H&M.

So similar right? And only £5.99. Or maybe £6.99.

Either way, they’re an absolute steal and my every day go-to sunnies because they go with everything.



Hubba hubba, this is the only drink you need to tackle the current heatwave.

Although lol, dunno why I wrote that when it’s clearly raining outside, but y’know, it has been hot and it’ll probably be hot again.

This Starbucks hun has been out in the States for some time – I first tried it in New York last year – and has finally arrived in the UK.

It tastes like cold, refreshing, sexy heaven and you abso need it in your life. Although it *did* sell out in my local branch yesterday, just sayin’.



I’ve been a big fan girl of this jewellery range since it launched a couple of years ago. You might remember that I ended up buying the long coin pendant about three times over because I kept losing it/snapping it because I’m pretty much definitely the clumsiest person you know.

Anyway, I’ve just added another couple of pieces to my collection – a set of mismatched studs so I can FINALLY make use of the six different piercings in my ears (I’m going to put them in as soon as I’ve taken the snaps for this post and I’m SO excited). And a little eye pendant necklace to wear every day alongside my snake pendant from Astrid & Miyu.

The collection is super affordable and everything is gold plated (or silver, if you’re that way inclined) and there’s SO many huns in the online sale. GO GO GO.


And on a last note, I hope you’re having a BANGING Friday. It’s pay day for most of you, right? Go get some cocktails and pizza and feel like the sassiest sister alive. I’m in London all day followed by a date night with the boo and a trip down to Sussex on Saturday for a sleepover with one of my oldest gals, cannot wait!


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