4 Bargain Buys Worth Snapping Up From Barry M


This post was originally going to be about the best make-up buys under £10, but the I was like huh everything is Barry M or NYX cosmetics, so lol, that idea went straight in the bin.

And here we are with a big juicy, sexy post all about the bae that is Barry M.

It’s been one of my favourite brands since I was a teenager, and whenever I got a bonus for being such a babin’ employee at JJB Sports, I’d always go and treat myself to a new pot of Glitter Dust.

I mean, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I was OBSESSED with a white iridescent shade, which I can only imagine made me look like a real-life unicorn. Goals af.

So yeah, I use all these prods at least once a week if not more, and think I *may* have found a new every day hun in the brow product of dreams.



OK, brace yourself and maybe sit down.

I’m going to say something big. And pretty wooooah.

I like these bad boys more than I like Essie.

Yikes. The reason I love them isn’t for the colour selection because tbh it’s pretty teeny tiny, it’s because it’s genuinely the only polish that stays on my nails without chipping for more than 48 hours. Mostly because I reeaaaaaally like peeling my polish.

The pale shades aren’t as great because they need three coats and that puts them into easy-to-peel territory, but the brighter shades are my home girls. I’ve been wearing ‘All The Things She Red’ and ‘Bug a Blue’ on rotation and think I might just have to snap up a couple more when I’m in London tomorrow.

DO NOT GET DISTRACTED BY THE SHADES IN THE OTHER BARRY M NAIL COLLECTIONS, it’s the Sunset Gel (and the Sunset Gel top coat) that you want in your life. (Also, people have genuinely asked if they’re gel at least 43267 times, so there’s that).

Shop here.



This boo does keep selling out, so you’re really going to have to keep your eyes peeled but oh mumma BEST highlight I’ve ever used.

It launched earlier this spring and comes in two shades – a pale gold and a pale pink.

It’s creamy, it’s super easy to apply and BOOM highlight on fleek. I tend to use a brush to blend it in a little after I’ve applied, but I had three people come up to me after my blogging talk in Leeds to ask what highlighter I was wearing – and yes, it was this hun.

Shop here.




This product is unlike anything I’ve ever used on my brows before – although tbf that’s probably more to do with the fact I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade for the last year.

It’s essentially a little wand that you dip into powder and then put on your brows, which doesn’t sound all that ground-breaking or easy to use, but it was luuuuurve.

I tend to go for a medium colour as I like my brows to be darker than my natural hair shade, but I have this product in Light, and a little goes a long, long way. If you like subtle brows, then this probably isn’t the boo for you.

I dabbed it along my brows and then used a slanted brush to blend it to the shape of my brows and the results were pretty full-on and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. And then I got in the car and spent most of the journey getting distracted in the rear view mirror because FLAME EMOJI X 73567.

I added a coat of clear brow gel to hold them in place, and eight hours later they’re still looking full of sass.

Shop here.



This double whammy set launched earlier this summer (although I can’t find them online anywhere at the moment) and includes a contour stick and a highlight stick, in the same packaging as the Strobe Cream.

Now I’ll be honest, the highlight stick didn’t do much for me (I much prefer to use a super pale concealer), mostly because it’s the same colour as my foundation and does nada.

But the contour stick is a right boo, especially if contouring scares the bejesus out of you. It’s super easy to blend and although it looks dark, isn’t too heavily pigmented, which in this case is actually a really good thing as it makes it super hard to go wrong.

I apply it in the places that the diagram on the back of the packaging suggests you should and then blend out with a face sponge and HELLO WHO’S THIS KARDASHIAN SISTER LOOKING BACK AT ME.



Have you used any of these boos? Can you recommend some good under £10 make-up for me to try?


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