7 Foods You Have To Try In Thailand


If there was one hideously perfect highlight of my trip to Thailand that I totally didn’t expect – it’s all the food porn, so good it’ll make you continue to eat until you’re on the verge of vomming at every damn meal.

Seriously, I’m almost constantly in pain from over-eating and I’m not even slightly soz.

I’ve had a soft spot for Thai food since it first came into my life a few years back (yeah alright, maybe I was slightly late to the party but whatevs), but it is SO much better in actual Thailand.

Like screw the paradise-like beaches and sexy weather and cheap cocktails, just come here for the food, I’m pleading you.

Anyway, here’s a few of my favourites so far…

And yes, I’m already dedicating a lot of my remaining few days in Asia whispering sweet goodbyes to all my fave dishes through tears and abdominal discomfort.



Screw your Thai greens and Thai reds, it’s all about this little gem of a fella.

The menu often describes this dish as a ‘peanut and potato curry’ which you can then add chicken, pork or whatever meat you fancy to.

I’d describe it as a bit like satay sauce turned into a creamy and heavenly curry that MUST have been carved by the gods.

It was the first thing I ate after 24 hours of traveling and upon eating my first mouthful I declared ‘FUCK! It was worth a day of traveling just for that first taste’. There you have it gals and boys.



Now, I would never order a Hawaiian pizza because baby girl is all about that pepperoni life but sweet mother have mercy, the humble pineapple adds so much sassiness to a casual fried rice.

I’m not about adding pineapple to savoury dishes (aside from cheese and pineapple on sticks because hey, I dare you to think of a better party snack), but this just works and you must trust me, it’s important.



I know I rave about this all the ruddy time and you have every right to report me on every form of social media for being an annoying af juice preacher, but this <3

So fresh, so hydrating, IT IS BETTER THAN DIET COKE. And you can snap it up from pretty much every restaurant for just over £1. Not bad, huh?

Also see: fresh coconut water, fresh kiwi juice, fresh mango juice.



There’s pancake stalls chilling out on every street corner (or at least there was in Koh Samui) and sweet diggity they sexy.

My fave were the Nutella and fresh coconut crepes, but most stalls also seemed to offer mango, blueberries, honey, banana or jam. Babin’.

They cost between £1 and £1.50 and they’re more addictive than Pretty Little Liars.



Me and my brother got mildly obsessed with ordering garlic chicken or garlic pork or garlic beef as a side dish with every meal. I can’t even explain why it was so good, but it was.

So soft, so moist, so garlicy, much heaven.



This little hun always makes my Chinese takeaway order because it’s basically warm peanut butter y’know?

The satay chicken sauce in Thailand was more creamy than what I’m used to, probably because they add coconut milk to everything (and I have no problem with that, nuh uh).

Coconut and peanut with chicken? It’s basically like eating dessert.



Different to a crepe, the humble banana pancake was my breakfast order of choice.

I liked to kid myself it was healthy because the banana was actually cooked into the pancake and so y’know basically something from one of the 74856473 health cookbooks lined up in Tesco.

It’s served thick, a bit like a big fluffy American style pancake, and comes with either a pot of honey or a pot of warm chocolate sauce. Oh mumma.



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