11 Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight


It’s taking me a lot of effort to write this post, because all I want to do is lie in bed and chain watch Orange Is The New Black until I fall into some wonderful, dreamy, handsome deep sleep.

But nope, I’m typing, and about to dive head first into a little something from the mini bar to keep me powering through.

(But seriously though, minibars in Thai hotels are cheaper than Tesco Express and it is pure heaven <3).

So yeah, here’s a few handy, helpful tips I’ve picked up in the past year or two about keeping comfy, cosy and feeling fresh as fuck on a long haul flight.

Hope they help you, baby gurl huns.

Cos ain’t nobody got time to feel like a Snorlax wearing a corset who’s been locked in a freezer with crying banshees.

Nuh uh.



I wish I could think of a sassier name than ‘easy shoes’, but I hope you get what I mean – basically shoes that are super easy to take on and off.

Some airports demand everyone takes off their shoes to go through security, some demand you do only if they’re clunky (looking at you London) and some don’t at all.

Essentially the more minimal they are, the less chance of having to take them off you have, and the less fussy they are, the easier you’ll be able to slide ’em back on again.

I personally go for flip-flops or sliders so that I can whip them off on the plane within seconds and stick on the biggest, fluffiest pair of socks.



Because you might as well make yourself at home if you’re in for the long haul. Stick the biggest, fluffiest pair you own into your hand luggage and prepare to fight that heinous air con to the death.

Seriously though, ALL the comfort <3



Plane food is awful. It’s bad. It’s frightening. I had a ‘mushroom risotto’ on my British Airways flight that looked like vomit mixed with leaves, it was 102% not the one. I secretly think they keep economy food so hideous so that you feel pressure to upgrade, but whatevs.

Once through security it’s always one of my fave parts of the airport experience to get a little heavy handed in Pret. A bag of popcorn, a LOVE bar, maybe some fruit, or even a sandwich. There’s nothing worse than getting hangry at 30,000 feet. Nuh uh.



As darling as it is that airlines give you like three teeny tiny Sylvanian family size thimbles of water throughout a 12-hour flight, unless you stalk them for the entire journey, it’s also super nice to y’know, not have cystitis upon arrival at your destination.

So whilst at Pret, also stock up on a big ol’ 1 litre bottle of water, to keep you feeling just a little bit human and make your pee only mildly yellow rather than radioactive.



I mean, yeah sure maybe this is an obvious one, but I just wanted to give a girl a head’s up.

DO NOT SAVE YOUR FAVE PANTS FOR THE PLANE, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE PICKING BLACK LACE OUT OF YOUR CRACK. Save your comfy period pants for the flight because man, when you’re sitting on your toosh for such a long time you want it to feel cloaked in Primark’s comfiest cotton big girl pants.



Most big long haul airlines will let you take two bags on as hand luggage – a carry on and then a handbag/laptop case.

I always take a small cross body bag for the essentials like my mobile, boarding pass, money and passport and then a bigger bag (usually a beach bag to save room in my suitcase) with all my flight extras like snacks, socks, books, notebooks, laptop and water.

It stops you losing your passport every 7 seconds, which is always nice.



You might have seen my almost-dressing gown in this outfit post, and it has transformed my comfort levels on recent flights.

It’s like bringing your fave blanket on a plane without looking like you’ve got completely carried away and are about to whip out a hot water bottle, slippers and your fave night cap glass (all seriously good ideas tbh).

You could also bring a supersize scarf, but I prefer the maxi cardigan approach (check your local Primark for one) because it means you can forget dragging a jacket around with you too. You can also stash in your second-hand luggage bag when nope, it’s too hot.



I try not to wear make-up on flights longer than a few hours (because ain’t nobody wanna have smudgy eye-liner and crispy skin on arrival in a new country) and so try and practice the most basic of skincare routines whilst in the air.

It involves lip balm, hand cream, and a heavy duty moisturiser (my fave is Clinique’s Mosture Surge Overnight Mask).



Before leaving the airport there’s NOTHING better (aside from maaaaaaybe a cheeseburger) than having a little freshen up so you feel almost human again.

Yeah, you could do this on the flight, but most of your fellow passengers will make dashes for the bathroom in the last hour and gah, toilet queuing is not the one.

A toothbrush (you might get this on the flight), face wipes, deodorant and perfume all seriously help a sister out. Pack ’em in your clear liquids bag in your hand luggage (Superdrug do a good size small-ish one) and prepare to feel a *bit* like Kendall Jenner.



Again, some airlines give these out to you and leave them on your seat along with headphones and with other airlines you have to ask. But if in doubt, buy one before you leave.

Not only are they a dream at shutting out the reality that lol good one, you’re trying to get a full night’s sleep on a plane, but they’re super handy at attempting to break past the harrows of jet lag at the other end.

I also recommend using a sleep ointment roll-on on your pulse points to help you relax into a nap on a flight. (I love this Neom one).



As much as I love settling into an in-flight film with a glass of Diet Coke because I’m mad crazy like that, I often find closing my eyes and just listening to something far better for the ol’ relaxing thing.

You’ll all know by now that I swear by listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter (which is available via Audible), but Serial is a babin’ (and hideously addictive) murder mystery podcast if you haven’t already listened to it.


What do you do to help make your flight more comfy and relaxing and less GET ME AWAY FROM THIS PURE LIVING HELL?



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