The £13 Primark Dress



I had a bit of a stressful experience in London last week.

It involved me ambling into town in a new dress without a bra – letting my pre-period melons just kinda hang there and do their thang, getting caught in apocalyptic rain whilst walking between tube stations and then taking shelter under a tree with four strangers. Such a non London thing to do.

Anyway, long story short, I had a bit of a sweaty back too because y’know the UK is hella muggy at the moment, and crippling self-doubt at my own appearance because my womb lining was about to y’know, leave me, and so I made it my mission to buy a new dress.

A dry dress. Oh and a bra because well, yeah, I wasn’t wearing one.

And so I swanned into Primark and snapped up this floral wrap tea dress along with a £5 nude t-shirt bra and matching nude thong because hello is this dress going to be see-through?

I then had to get changed in a Pret toilet like the real classy princess that I am. Although hey, I guess it’s a step up from McDonald’s?

And this is it.

Admittedly I did *also* have to nip into Boots for some safety pins because my cleavage was about to take someone’s eyes out, but because of the ruffle details, you can’t actually notice.

Size-wise, it’s not overly generous. I bought mine in a 14 and could feel the arms straining yesterday whilst shooting these snaps with Erica in Castle Park. So if you’re between sizes, definitely go for the bigger one.

But for £13 it’s a bit of a hun that’ll see you through everything to summer dates to picnics and it’s pretty damn comfy too <3

Dress – Primark (in-store) / Hat – H&M / Shoes – New Look (old) / Choker – River Island / Jacket – Miss Selfridge / Bag – Monnier Freres


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