The £14.99 Summer Dress You Need


I just polished off a lamb kebab with salad and ketchup. I can kind of kid myself that was healthy, right?

I spent today with gal pal Ellie in the depths of Essex shooting a lil summin’ summin’ that’ll go up next week, eating strawberries and very, VERY, nearly getting locked in a park. So it’s safe to say I kind just want to face plant the sofa in my Mario and Princess Peach pyjamas and let the soothing noise of Grey’s Anatomy season one send me into a better place.

Whatta Tuesday.

The main thing I wanted to show you in this post is my new dress. BECAUSE OMG LOOK IT’S ONLY £14.99.

Alright, OK, it’s the *exact* same dress as that floral Mango one I’ve been wearing obsessively over the past month (this one here) but just in another colour. But whilst doing a bit of online window shopping at the weekend, I realised they’d both dropped down to £14.99 on the John Lewis website.

Like, um, ok.

They are hands down the comfiest and lightest little summer dresses I’ve had in my wardrobe in ages, and even with a hefty rack, they’re pretty flattering.

The yellow one is mildly see-through. I mean, I’m not wearing a slip under in, just a swanky nude spanx thong from Primark. So you get the gist.

You must add one, or both of them to your wardrobe immediately because y’know £14.99.

I love you Mango, please never leave me.

Yellow dress – Mango / Espadrilles – River Island / Bag – Karl Lagerfeld



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