Dear Diary: Back To Reality


I had jolly ideas of easing back to reality with smiles, motivation and a newly found gusto for life that made me skip everywhere and speak to strangers in the supermarket. Because New York kind of makes you feel like that girl, the glittery, ain’t life so frickin’ grand kinda girl, doesn’t it?

But alas nope.

Our flight was delayed a little bit and then our luggage took a short life time to arrive and the drive home took nearly twice as long as it should have because HEY HALF TERM AND BAD WEATHER – which meant the key to our front door didn’t get turned until a sweet and dandy four and a half hours after our BA flight hit the Gatwick tarmac. Lol.

Hearing about other people’s drives is almost as exciting as hearing about other people’s dream, innit?

And we currently have one cat that’s locked in a bedroom with a litter box full of soil (because that’s basically like pooping in the garden, yeah?) due to a bout of suspected stress-induced cystitis, and another cat that’s crying because he can’t find his sister.

Oh, and I have a boyfriend currently nursing a poorly arm because he had a hospital appointment to remove a dodgy-looking mole and he’s trying to ask me questions about plasters and paracetamol and well, yeah, apparently I’ve become a nurse and a vet today. GO HANNAH.

Jet lag has also got me in a bit of a pickle. I slept from 9pm til 12am last night and then again from 3am til 9pm, so that’s another cool story for you to add to the list of really cool stories I’ve told you in this blog post.

Oh and just in case you were like KEEP THESE LAME STORIES COMING, HANNAH, I’m also drinking a cup of tea and eating some dark chocolate whilst wearing Chris’s New York sweatshirt from our trip last year.

And tbf, I should probably have left the chocolate well alone because I stepped on the scales this morning and they basically laughed in my face so hard they started crying.

Although let’s be honest here, my hair was still a bit wet from the shower and wet hair probably weighs as much as a few small children, so there’s that.

Aside from playing nurse Hannah today (and not in a sexy over-the-knee stocking kinda way), I’ve been mostly washing sofa cushions to rid the smell of cat urine from them, drinking coffee and going through my inbox.

OH AND MY NEW YORK VLOG IS NOW LIVE. Go watch it over here.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is the day I go hard and heavy and switch out of holiday mode and into I’MA TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH WORDS AS A BLOGGING SUPERSTAR mode. You know the one, it usually starts with pootling over to Tesco for some fresh flowers, buying an overpriced latte to go and realising that cor blimey it’s midday and I’ve done nothing except pansy about.

I can’t wait.

And although life after NYC always has a little less glitter than life in NYC, I’m excited to get stuck back into work. To get producing content and videos that I’m proud of, rather than fretting about whether people will still be reading my blog after an entire three days between posts.

Because aw man, as sassy and fly as strutting through Manhattan with an iced coffee feels, there’s nothing that beats that feeling of owning life. Of nailing it. Of feeling like you’re doing it right. That feeling I get when I’m sat on the sofa and hey look I’ve got a video uploading, a new post has just gone up and you guys LOVE it and woo I’ve been to Pilates and I’m on top of the washing basket and ok let’s stop for a second, did I just make the world’s best salad of all time for lunch and SHOULD I BECOME A CHEF.

You know that feeling and we all love that feeling. That one of being empowered and motivated and feeling like one heck of an independent woman. Beyonce ain’t got shit on us, has she? Let’s be honest.

Oh and also, I’ve been thinking that I probably won’t do a straight up HEY GUYS, I WENT TO NEW YORK post, because I posted a few posts whilst out there, and so I’ll break it down into outfit diaries and best places to eat and affordable accommodation and maybe a lil haul over the next week or two. So do lemme know if you have any requests, obvs.

And on that note, I’m going to sign out and get back to my pre-New York wind down routine of pillow spray, colouring book and a bit of my boo Harry Potter on audio tape. Or y’know, on Audible. Same difference.

I hope you don’t mind me writing these kind of little update posts. I like to fill you in on where I’m at with my life and my head and my day. I like to feel like we’ve just sat down on the sofa in our Primark trackies, split open a pack of make-up wipes and a pack of biscuits, and got to chatting over tea whilst pulling blankets over our laps.

Because those are my favourite nights with my gal pals, and if I can’t have my IRL gal pals with me, then hey, what does it matter, because I got you guys <3

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