8 Of My Fave Beauty Must-Haves


Hey sweet angels, how’s it going?

I realised that now my weekly Friday Favourites are no more (big mega soz to you all once again – the next monthly one will be out next week so keep yo eyes peeled) I can easily go a little too long without mentioning the latest must-haves I rely on without fail.

So I thought I’d do a lil round-up of some of my current essentials. Some are skincare related and some are high end and some are little bits and bobs you can pick up whilst doing a serious lunch break sweep of Boots. Y’know me, I like to cater to the masses.

All I’m saying is, don’t blame me if your bank balance starts weeping under the weight of sweet, sweet new must-have buys.

Least you’ll look (and smell) hella cute, right?


This babe is one of my faves because the easy to apply cream-stick format just makes it so damn easy to use.

I’ve been relying on Sure Maximum Protection to keep me feeling fresh and ahem, stop me getting sweaty, for as long as I can remember.

It smells good, and it ensures that even after a long ol’ morning Pilates session, I don’t have to worry about sweat and am ready to crack on with the day.

Which is a dream when you’re drowning in emails, scheduled tweets and blog photos because hey, one less thing to worry about.

As it’s the brands most powerful sweat protection, 9 out of 10 women (hey over here, me included), trust Sure Maximum Protection**..

A survey by Sure Maximum Protection found that us Brits take an average of three selfies a week, and we rely on 10 must-have products to make us feel good – with some women needing 40 to make them feel confident enough to post their sassy selfie.

AND 51 per cent of people said that body odour and sweat marks were their biggest concern, followed by breakouts, dry skin, unflattering lighting and bad teeth.

Eighty per cent of those polled stated that they relied on trusted essentials to make them feel twice as confident as they ordinarily would.

*price is at the sole discretion of the retailer
**based on a survey of 208 UK women who tested the product


I’ve been falling in and out of love with every highlighter that’s entered my life since the start of 2k16, but this little bargain gem is a thing sent from the gods.

I have the iced bronze version but there’s also a pinkie shade – both new to Barry M this summer.

The reason why I’m all <3<3<3? Because I tend to end up with highlighter all over my hands (and all over my clothes) and this stick applicator makes it ridiculously easy to apply, even my cat could *probably* do it.



Last week my eyebrow pencil ran out and I spent a good few days mourning my brows as they once were. RIP gals.

And then I went rummaging for old brow products that I’ve since forgotten I once loved and then hey whaddya know, this little online splurge from earlier in the year fell into my lap.

I have it in the medium brown shade which is a teeny tiny bit too dark for me unless I use it sparingly, but I love the natural shape it creates and it’s super easy to blend with a slanted brush.

I just top with a clear brow gel and voila I have super selfie brows.


I got a tiny version of this when I spent £584376 at Duty Free the other week and oh sweet lord it is a lazy girl’s dream. So much so that hey look, the full-size version fell into my house.

Y’know how easy it is to forget to moisturise your legs for like 7 months and then omg bare leg season and you have legs that look like albino lizards? Yeah, well a couple of spritzes of this oil mist makes your legs that look like you’re on a swimwear shoot instantly. AND they stay hydrated and smooth and glossy all day.

It’s like a modern-day miracle. I keep mine next to my bed and am wangling it into my pre-bedtime routine.



I feel a bit awkward mentioning this. It was my fave liquid eye liner for so long. SO long. Years and years and years and then I got a bit cocky and thought I could find better. And now look at me, tail between my legs, pleading for it to take me back.

The pigment is amazing, it’s so easy to apply, the brush is the perfect medium-size and it lasts pretty much all day.

What did I do to deserve you in my life, fast stroke liner?



Jo Malone perfumes are not just for hey I’m feeling sad I’m going to buy something days, they are the ultimate in beauty treats because between you and me, they’re a teeny tiny bit pricey.

But this sweet bae, oh my <3

I feel like I’m loving it more than usual at the moment because it’s peony season and it’s like when you’ve been wearing Christmas socks all year and then it’s Christmas and hey look, you’re doing life right.

It’s such a sweet and fresh and feminine scent and you should absolutely get yo’ self down to a counter to smell it in case you need something to add to a lil birthday wish list…


Again, these were another sample-size product I got from Duty Free and oh boy, they goooood.

OK, so their main properties are all anti-ageing, but they feel so rich and hydrating on the skin. You basically twist the end of the capsule off and apply to your face and neck the way you would any oil.
I’ve found they’re an amazing treat for my skin when it’s feeling dry and dull or when I have lots of healing spots. I find that by the time I wake up, my skin feels repaired and new and hello AM I ACTUALLY GLOWING?


I mentioned these in my Duty Free haul last week but together they are the ultimate lip bae.

They’re like a warm-toned matte brown, kind of like a step up from nude lips without being as daunting and dark as the chocolate Barry M liner I mentioned a couple of months back.

But my favourite thing of all is how long the combo seems to last and even when, eventually, it does start to fade, it doesn’t look patchy and daaaaamn that’s ugly, it looks natural.

The perfect all day every day handbag pals.

Have you used any of these? Which are your faves?

This is a sponsored post but as always, all views my own

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