3 Favourite New Summer Dresses


Alright, alright, I got something to admit. These pretty little boos are all from Mango. This isn’t a lil spon post, it just so happens that out of the five ooooh these are kinda cute dresses I found online and ordered, three of them were from Mango and well, those were the three I didn’t send back via the creepy man at the post office.

This works well because I think mangoes are my fave fruit too. In fact, does someone want to bring me a little bowl of diced mango? Maybe with some froyo and blueberries and raspberries and caramel sauce and chopped nuts and white chcocolate. Anyone?

Also, I’d say the quality of these Mango frocks is similar to H&M or Zara and the sizing is pretty accurate. I have all of these in a 12, and it’s just the long-sleeved one that’s a little, ahem, snug on the ol’ chest region.

They’re all mega comfy and have been put through a lengthy London and wine day and they are all absolutely 103% coming to New York with me. So that’s that.


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I first spied this dress at the start of the year and couldn’t justify it and then it kept a-creepin’ into my Facebook ads and then eventually, after months of pretending to be the bigger person, it fell into my wardrobe.

I like that it’ll still work in autumn with black tights (kill me now), ankle boots and a biker jacket. OH and a fedora.

Dress – Mango, £25.99 / Bag –  Zara, £39.99 / Shoes – New Look, £19.99 / Sunglasses – Topshop, £10



I adore this dress but wasn’t sure of the fit on me because it makes me extra top heavy, but actually, I *think* I’m just about working it. Maybe.

I love that it’s midi length which stops you freaking out about random gusts of wind showing off your too small Victoria’s Secret pants to the world. Babin’.

Dress – Mango, £35.99 / Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Shoes – New Look (old – similar here)/ Bag – New Look (old – similar here)



This dress actually comes with straps but they were weirdly baggy and so I just tucked them in and voila, cute dress. For these off-the-shoulder dresses I’ve been wearing a (very low in support) Primark strapless bra with a lil bandeau top over the top for extra support and to y’know, hold my boobs above my belly button.

This is the comfiest style out of all three, and it comes in yellow and I *think* in an elephant print.

Dress – Mango, £29.99 / Hat – £17 / Sunglasses – Topshop, £10 / Shoes – New Look, £19.99 / Bag – Armani Exchange

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