12 Things We Should All Do This Summer


Summer is so close you can almost smell the optimism, burnt sausages and cheap suntan lotion lingering in the air.

I mean, as long as that thing the other weekend wasn’t already our summer and hey look Starbucks autumn cups. So pretty.

I mean, I *heard* it felt like summer. I was busy standing in a Volcano park playing spot the slither of blue sky hidden behind all the grey clouds threatening to ruin my outfit photos and my hair and my life. But y’know.


Summer in Britain is my fave, if not only for the friendly persona everyone suddenly whacks on. Out of nowhere you’re making jokes about portable barbecues with strangers in Tesco Express at 7pm on a Saturday and smiling at fellow commuters whilst cracking open a can of something cold and alcoholic on a Thursday eve. It’s pretty sassy and sexy and it brings out the best side of us I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AND PEOPLE AND RAIN Brits.

Anyway, here’s some things I reckon we should all schedule into our summer. It’s best to have a list ‘cos y’know it jumps out of nowhere and catches you off guard and you need to have a plan of action in place.

1. Buy an assortment of ice cream (but let’s call it gelato because we fancy bitches holidaying on the Italian Riviera), some whipped cream, fruit, chocolate toppings and some of those random sauces kept next to the meringues in the supermarket. Make the biggest sexiest sundaes your belly and your Instagram have ever seen.

2. Treat yo self to a pedicure because you work hard and you deserve to saunter down the street in your Primark sandals feeling like a foot model. Yuh huh.

3. Have a date day, either with your boo or your best gal pal at your nearest city, or swank town if you live somewhere cool. Get the train in, wear flat shoes and pack an emergency jumper and bottle of water and do an unplanned bar and food crawl. Just stroll about, explore, get a bit drunk, take photos, never look at your bank balance again.

4. Go into your local corner shop on the way home from work and snap yourself up a little summin summin. Maybe it’s a Feast, maybe it’s a Twister or maybe it’s a sneaky orange Calippo.

5. Source a book you’re really effing excited about. Schedule in a few hours on your own with an iced coffee somewhere sunny. Don’t take your phone. Feel like you’re living in some arty Indie film set in the middle of Utah or something.

6. Wear coral lipstick. I mean, it’s the only time of year (aside from your hypothetical trip to the Caribbean next January that’ll absolutely definitely happen) you really get to make use of it.

7. Make your normal Friday night dinner, complete with a lil glass of wine, obvs, and eat it outside. Maybe you have a garden and you just throw a blanket down and carry your plates out and watch it get dark. Maybe you load up your dinner in tupperware and head to a park. It doesn’t have to cost a single lil penny to feel like you’re pretty much 100% eating dinner on holiday somewhere swish.

8. Get up at some hideous hour on a Saturday morning to go to a car boot. Either sell your stuff and hey look is that enough money for me to go and buy everything in H&M or grab a coffee and a cheap bacon roll and start hunting out cute lil accessories and interior bits.

9. Arrange to meet your mates at Sainsbury’s (or Tesco or ASDA or whatever, you just do you) at 11am. Get one big trolley, fill it with everything your heart desires. A bit like you’re the Weasley family doing a shop together. Get some houmous and crisps and olives and Brie, and then split it roughly at the till and then get yo selves somewhere for food and naps and playing catch. The only way to ensure you have a well-balanced picnic and not just 72 bags of Kettle chips.

10. Find someone who would probably slice out their own spleen for a couple of child-free hours and use it as an excuse to do all the things you definitely 100% want to do. Go to a nearby beach, visit the zoo, get ice cream and chips. Maybe go on a merry-go-round. Spend 2ps in an arcade. And also, help someone out because helping is pretty darn nice.

11. Find an early-morning outdoor yoga class. Book it. Don’t go back to sleep when your alarm goes off. Afterwards, eat breakfast out rather than brunch. Get a coffee AND a green juice and some eggs and bacon and oh boy, feel how motivated you are for the day.

12. Eat barbecued halloumi. I’m sorry, I wanted to end this post on something motivational and heart-warming, but really, when you think about it, what’s more motivational and heart-warming than grilled cheese?


If you’ve got more ideas for sweet, sweet things to do this summer then please hook a girl up in the comments below. BYE.

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