Sexy Lunch Idea: Pesto & Goat’s Cheese On Toast



I discovered this delicious combo one sad, lonely, grey lunchtime last week when WHY THE SWEET FLIPPIDY FLIP HAS CHRIS KEPT THE AVOCADOS IN THE FRIDGE.

Love you boo, I’m not mad, promise.

But basically it meant we had four avocados and none of them were ripe and I was like this is the worst day ever and maybe this means I should just go to McDonald’s and be done with it.

But instead, I just threw together a few straggly ingredients from the fridge and what happened next was pure mouth heaven. Even if the pesto had definitely been in there since 2015 and should maybe definitely 100% have been in the bin and not in my digestive tract, but whatevs.

Eat this for brunch, eat it for lunch, eat it as an 11pm drunk snack. Just whatever you do, eat it, please. It’s important.



Slice of sourdough bread (this Waitrose one is my fave)

Pesto (I used green but red would be a sassy twist)

Goat’s cheese


Sundried tomatoes

Balsamic glaze

Pepper to season


– Toast your bread, obvs.

– Once it’s toasted, top with roughly spread goat’s cheese and roughly spread pesto.

– Top with sliced olives and sliced sundried tomatoes.

– Crumble more cheese on because always more cheese.

– Add a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

– Feel happiness surge through your soul.

Let me know if you’ve make this or if you’ve made anything similar that you think I’ll sob with happiness over…


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