My Little Duty Free Haul


There’s nothing that makes my heart more full (aside from maybe a McDonald’s during a particularly long road trip) than writing content from the comfort of the sofa with a candle burning, a coffee balancing on the sofa arm, and a Friends episode just doing its thang in the background. This is my happy place. And I’m cool with that. I’m cool with not being a hip and happening little adventurer. Yuh huh.

And so this afternoon I bring you a little summin’ summin’ that involves one too many MAC buys and a couple of cuties from Accessorize because there’s something extra THIS MONEY DOESN’T COUNT when you get to an airport. Go on, tell me I’m wrong.

I picked up these huns from Birmingham International Airport en route to Lanzarote (post about that lil jaunt here). The beauty buys are from the World Duty Free section, whilst the accessories are from, well Accessorize.

There was also a Joe & The Juice at the airport and that got me all flustered and excited. Just a head’s up.



The actual colour of this is much warmer than I expected although lol tbf any name that has the word spice in was always going to be orange-toned so good one Hannah. I

‘d seen quite a few people recommending this as the dream liner shade for that perfect nude-brown lip so I’m excited to get myself transformed into the British Kylie Jenner tbh.


Yeah ALRIGHT, I hold my hands up and admit that the only reason this little boo ended up in my basket (there was definitely no basket – more like my clammy hands) was because the lovely lady who was serving me was wearing it.

It looks like the perfect medium brown nineties shade – just a step darker than Velvet Teddy, but she made it look so wearable at the same time. I’m hoping this is going to be my new daytime bae <3


Last blogger on this hype but WHATEVER, I’m part of your cool Tropic Tonic crew now. I am, I am, I am.

I find most of my MAC lipstick collection is super statement (looking at you Heroine and Instigtor), so I wanted something that still had a pop of colour but was a little more chilled out at the same time.

I think this is the perfect pretty lil summer shade and I can’t wait to strut about New York eating cheeseburgers and ice cream with it on.


This is still my fave high street jewellery range of all time – it’s a dreamy way to build up a gold plated or silver jewellery collection without y’know, needing to re-mortgage your life.

There were only about five letters left and one of them was an H – tucked cutely right at the back. And so it seemed like fate (that’s how it works right?) and so it came home with me <3


Yeah OK this is the exact same hat I featured in a wish list kinda post the other week and oh look now I’m wearing it.

It’s not exactly the shape I was after – I wanted something with a sturdier and thinner brim but apparently that doesn’t exist anywhere and so this little cutie is my new summer boo. I wore it almost every day in Lanzarote and felt like it not only hid my greasy hair (I went 7 days without washing it, LOL) but made me look a teeny tiny bit chicer maybe?


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