What’s In My Airport Bag?

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Yo boos, how’s it going?

I’m eating some dreamy salt and vinegar crisps and praying to the sweet lords that I don’t leave my black fedora on this plane because I leave a black fedora on every plane I seem to ever set foot on. Lol to being a clumsy Claudia.

I actually shot these photos within about 37 spare seconds at Gatwick Airport a few weeks back and thought that y’know, cos I’m on a plane and that, it might be good content to throw at you little huns now. In case you’ve got a flight lined up and you’re like BUT WHAT IN THE HEAVENS SHOULD I PACK.

So yeah, please excuse the non-marble, non-white, non-peony, non-candle background cos y’know Gatwick Airport. I mean, am I even a blogger anymore? I dunno.

Here’s what I’d carry on a short haul flight. Spoiler: it’s a lot of snacks because girl doesn’t wanna get hangry at 30,000ft. Nuh uh.

I have nothing to add here. Soz and that.


I always get really over-excited on the way to the airport that lol good one by the time it’s midday I’m on about 13% battery. No YOU need to go to social media rehab. But hey, at least I’m not still caught on Bejewelled Blitz like it’s 2012.

So yeah, one of these boys are essential. This particular one holds three charges and can charge two things at once which unsurprisingly suddenly makes you everyone’s BFF. Like um ok whichever one of you buys me a cheeseburger first can use it.


Mostly because by the time I’ve got to my destination my mascara is basically smeared down to my chin and ain’t nobody wanna stare at that. Also good for hiding your face and identity whilst you nap with your mouth open.

These ones are Topshop and although they’re a *bit* boring I find I wear them more than my awww so cute, so basic pink pairs because they go with everything. Little babes <3


Pret snacks are my fave because I can at least kid myself that I’m being healthy and being a superstar to my bod.

Ideal situation would be a bag of popcorn, a Love bar because those guys are bae af and if you haven’t tried one then get yo booty to Pret stat, and a little snack pot of mango.

I’m not about that plane food life.


Without the lure of OMG AN EPISODE OF BIG BANG THEORY I HAVEN’T SEEN YET and woah haven’t been on Instagram in 7 minutes, I’m actually quite productive. Who knew, eh?

I tend to use plane time to write posts and edit videos and blah blah blah work stuff. Also good for brainstorming and writing you little poppets the odd list post. INSERT BIG WINKY FACE.


This isn’t a joke. I’m not your Dad. But I do like to separate all my wires (headphone, phone charger cable and laptop charging cable) and stick them in a separate pouch in my bag because y’know what’s not fun? Getting tangled in your belongings whilst going through security and being death stared by your fellow passengers like you just admitted you really like licking your own toes.


Planes give me headaches. it’s probably because ZOMG SO EXCITED AIRPLANE FLYING HOLIDAY NEW PLACE PEOPLE OUT THE HOUSE and so recently I’ve started to over hydrate myself.

You should do this. It is good. So good. It makes you feel in a really good place by the time you get to your destination and want to drink a litre of wine.


Because I am apparently a 55-year-old lady who owns a gardening knee cushion.

But yeah, everyone knows planes dry out your skin and ya dee ya da so this tackles that. For a longer haul flight I’d pack a few skincare treats because the internet tells me I should, but for something short these are my boos.

The tissues are particularly handful if you’re holding a glass of Diet Coke during turbulence and whaddya know now you’re wearing the Diet Coke, how effing handsome.

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