Three Things I Wear Every Week All-Year-Round

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Happy bank holiday weekend you little love bugs. How’s it going? By the time this goes up I’m hoping to be cradling a baby hangover whilst deciding how many additional ingredients to have in my bacon sandwich. Like, do I want a fried egg, mushrooms, avocado? What sort of sexy Sunday special am I going for?

These photos were taken earlier in the week, moments after I’d demolished the best fish pie of my entire life, so you’ll have to excuse the cheesy mashed potato baby creeping into these shots. I have no regrets though because cheesy mash is bae af.

I realised there’s a few fashion essentials I’ve been wearing repeatedly over the past few years, regardless of whether it’s snowing in April like WHY MAN, WHY NO A LITTLE SEXY HEATWAVE SO WE CAN BARBECUE HALLOUMI or I need something comfy to wear on a short haul flight (because long hauls are all about my most pyjama-like clothes).

So I thought I’d chuck them into a post in case you wanted to update your wardrobe because lol, nothing to wear, but don’t want to buy something you’ll wear twice before throwing into a ‘when I do a car boot’ pile that never makes it to a car boot because rofl are you going to wake up at 6am on a Saturday.

And yes, I did just use the word rofl. It’s important.



Lemme just give you a few reasons why I swear by this little Primark sweetheart. Firstly, it makes me feel polished and like a profesh business woman even when inside I just want to build a den and eat cheese toasties, secondly it kinda slims out my hips a bit which makes me feel all confident and fly.

This one’s a couple of years old and it’s rare that something stays that loved in my wardrobe for such a long period of time. It’s tempting me to *maybe* think about snapping one up in another colour. I’m obsessed by the olive one from the Alexa Marks & Spencer range (currently sold out online, sob), as well as this handsome little blush pink number from Boden.

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I remember when I worked at LOOK, people went on about the humble Breton tee so many times that my eyes were rolling about my head like pal IT’S A FUCKING STRIPED T-SHIRT. CALL IT A STRIPED T-SHIRT.

And now I am one of them. I’ve owned quite a few over the past few years but my fave has remained this slightly pricey one from Petit Bateau. I like that it’s a little thicker than your usual t-shirt, but not quite a sweatshirt. I’m tempted to hit up the men’s section at H&M as I want some more long-sleeved ones with a round neck.

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These are the newest huns in my every day wardrobe but I already know they’re going to be sticking around. Admittedly, a low rise skinny jean is probably a bit more flattering on my shape because it doesn’t cling to my ahem, food baby area, as much as the sassy mom jean does. But these make me feel cool. They make me feel fashion. They make me feel a bit more on-point on days where I’m just popping out for coffee and to pick up 74584396 parcels from the post office.

This pair are Topshop petite and I love the length on my squat little leggies. I really, really recommend.

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