Dear Diary: A Happy Day In Colchester



Saturday was supposed to be full of glorious sunshine and skipping around Castle Park with an iced coffee in my hand, posing for cute photos against flint stone walls and brightly coloured flowered beds. Except nuh uh, because the Great British weather was like LOL y’know what’s funny in mid-April? Six degrees and ooh maybe some of that rain that feels like snow. Ooh yeah that’s megz funny.


But you know, aside from that, it was a nice day.

I woke up about 9ish and then pretended to help Chris clean the house for an hour or two before jumping in the shower, doing my make-up and having a try on session in front of the mirror.

And then pootling off down the A12 to meet Sophie for a girl’s day in Essex full of shooting blog content and eating and well, more of the eating. And maybe a few Instagram opps too because man we basic.

Earlier in the week I’d been sent a big ol’ Bundle of Happiness from the sweet people at Fat Face – it included pieces from their new spring collection as well as megz cute coasters and a tote bag, as part of their Washed In Happiness campaign.

So I loaded the whole lot into the boot of the car with the hope of putting it to the test whilst striding about Castle Park.

Which is, just FYI, the place Chris and I had out first date and I was wearing a really cute white dress with my mate’s 32c bra which looked pretty cry-laugh-face because I’d forgotten to pack a bra, and another pal’s pair of black boots because well, they were nicer than mine. I’d also had a casual tropical juice and vodka concoction before he picked me up. Because what’s a first date without vodka, eh EH?

Anyway we had a picnic and ate yogurts and strawberries because this was way back when before he’d seen me eat six slices of pizza and five chicken kickers and three chicken strippers and hey a big ‘ol handful of wedges and maybe some dessert too. Y’know, back when you try and pretend you’re all petite and delicate.


So anyway, Fat Face.



Admittedly I’m not well acquainted with the brand, but I’m all about trying out new pieces, especially if there’s a chance I might find some new every day staples that flatter this curvy gal body shape of mine.

And the first thing I’ve got to say here is that OH MUMMA EVERYTHING IS SO SOFT. I didn’t realise this was something I needed from my clothes before. I’m kind of used to everything feeling a bit like it might give me a panic attack or like I’ve got fleas or y’know, just like I’m awkwardly wedged into a piece of loo roll cardboard.

But everything, from the loose cotton tile-print dress to the denim to the knitwear feels like you’ve just climbed into a freshly made bed, and I am ALL about that life.

The denim is surprisingly stretchy too, which meant that even as I winced into the dungaree dress I was like OMG IT FITS and it fits well enough to actually leave the house and not just pose awkwardly in front of the mirror with my iPhone.

Which, maybe doesn’t sound like much, but I feel like denim doesn’t like curves. It feels tight and uncomfortable over anything that’s so much as eaten ONE digestive. But Fat Face denim isn’t like that, it doesn’t hate you for eating biscuits.

When I pulled up to meet Sophie I was wearing the denim jacket and printed dress and she was all HOW MUCH WEIGHT HAVE YOU LOST, which actually says a lot about the fit of that dress because gal pals, I’ve not actually lost all that much weight at all mostly because I had five Easter eggs and I’m still working my way through them.

And, after shooting in the rain, we retreated back to the car for warmth, the radio, and an outfit change. And then stayed in there for about half an hour trying to judge how heavy the rain was based on the noise of it hitting the car.

Taking outfit photos is so hella glamorous, y’know?

Eventually it went back down to a light drizzle and we were able to shoot a few more snaps (whilst whimpering over the bare leg situation) before throwing on all our layers and heading down to Bill’s for fish finger sandwiches and flat lays.



I don’t get to see girls and talk about boys and clothes and work and life at the weekend very much, unless I’m prepared to drive a 300 mile round trip, so to get out the house and feel a bit like the version of me before I got a boyfriend was really bloomin’ ace.

(As was coming home and taking a nap tbh).

I’ve made no point of hiding how lonely I’ve sometimes found moving to Ipswich and how difficult I’ve found it to make friends and meet people who are just like me – it’s the reason I force myself into London at least once a week – but I feel like I’m getting there. I’m starting to develop my own little network of cherubs and it’s making me feel so mentally in a good place.

So here’s to happy weekends, full of good clothes, good company and good food. Because what else do you need in life?


Fat Face printed dress, £35

Fat Face denim jacket, £45

Fat Face pinafore dress, £45


This is a sponsored post but all denim crushing, happiness and fish finger views my own

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