My Casual Not-Quite-Spring Outfit Of Dreams


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Somebody call the hip and happening police because I just stole their neckerchief.

(Or, y’know, I snapped one up for a fiver in Topshop and then made Ellie arrange it on me so I didn’t look like a nan before she took these snaps for me).

This is pretty much my go to outfit right now. Or at least my go-to outfit set-up.

Aside from the camel toe that seems to have worked its way into these three images (I had to delete the other 57456 because he was ‘acreepin in like a hideous monster from celeb magazine’s worst-dressed pages). I promise in real life he’s not as obvious and HI, I’M HANNAH’S CAMEL TOE. Or at least I hope he’s not. I need to hurry up and snap up these high-waisted petite Topshop jeans of dreams tbh.

Anyway, my outfit set-up for days when you wanna be comfy but look kinda cool and like is it winter or spring and I dunno what are we calling it, wing? springter? is this.

Frayed jeans (admittedly I chopped my own to make them that cute ankle grazer length), body (that figure definition is THE ONE, even if doing poppers on your crotch after going for a wee is dead weird), statement jacket, comfy trainers and a hella pair of sunglasses.

OH and a neckerchief or neckscarf or whatever the kids are calling it. They instantly make you look more Instagram famous and less I’m wearing clothes I just pulled off the floor because cba looking in my wardrobe and where the coffee at?

Ideally I’d have had a Starbucks spring cup in these snaps to pose about with but alas nope, not basic enough. FFS, failing at blogger life.

Also, I bought these sunglasses about 7 minutes before these snaps were taken because I managed to lose the screw to my new ASOS ones (thanks ASOS you good pal you) and was worried about you being able to see my mega eye creases and smudged mascara. So yeah, honesty hour and that.

Are you guys feeling the neckerchief trend or does it make you feel about as uncomfortable as a poncho? Lemme know! Oh and if you’ve spied anymore that aren’t in this kinda print, hook your girl up. Love you boos <3

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