Dear Diary: Breakfast, Lunch & Cake


I know these posts get a mixed response, but I like them. I like writing them on slow mornings with a fresh cup of coffee and the cats attempting to sit their cute little bottoms on my laptop. I like writing them and taking the time to reflect on the day before – the things that made me happy, the things that I learnt, the little details that made it what it was.

And so, they may not be every day, heck they may not be every week, but they will be here, on my blog, to stay.

Because sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the mundane details of every day life and realise that when it comes down to it, we’re all the same. Living the same lives, feeling the same feels, having the same WTF IS WRONG WITH ME thoughts.

You don’t have to read them or like them, but I hope you won’t abandon me for trying something new alongside the wish lists and inner tought brain dumps and beauty round ups. Because they will still be here too, y’know.

Anyway, here I am, reflecting on the day before.

Except lol no, BOLD LIE. It is still today and I’m on the way home from London and there’s the most majestic of pink sunsets and the sun is the sweetest shade of fuchsia and oh my sweet jesus, you pretty UK, you real pretty.

I have cinnamon bun crumbs down my dress (looking at you Hummingbird Bakery) and there’s two absolute lads drinking cans of cider and burping and giggling and wearing cheap pinstripe shirts in the seats next to me and they’re the exact sort of creatures who still poke people on Facebook. You guys.

Anyway, this morning started with a crafty 6am alarm. I mean, it’s not exactly the dream scenario, but there’s something about being up at that time when the sweet spring sunshine is already up, that’s actually kinda nice. Know what I mean or nah not really you bat shit crazy?

I wore my hair in a cute little Legolas top knot and admired how much I looked like Orlando Bloom (his grandparents live in the area I grew up and so we’re *basically* bezzie pals tbh).

I wore a grey Primark roll neck with holes in the armpits and one of my UNIQLO Lemaire dresses AND BARE LEGS. I’m insane and out of control and someone come and calm me down.

I teamed said bare legs with my pointed flats from the Next outlet at Freeport Braintree, and threw on my gal pals 4 lyf – my leather jacket and Zara city bag.

And then I tootled into London to meet my PR pal Rosanna for breakfast.
We went to Granger & Co for poached eggs, avocado and salmon (no YOU an Instagram cliche), coffee and green juices.

And then I had no plans until 4pm and wondered if maybe I should just pootle on back to Ipswich and work from the sofa draped in a majestic array of blankets and candles. That’s the problem with coming into London for a day of back to back meetings, the minute they get cancelled you’re absolutely bloomin’ scuppered. I usually go to Oxford Street and buy plasters for my inevitable plasters tbh.
Instead of giving up and going home like a lazy business woman, I did a couple of hours work in Rosanna’s office, abusing the free bottles of water and plug sockets for my 30% phone battery. Yeah, I should probs look at finding a new lead for my portable charger but whatevs, I like living on the edge.

I had a spontaneous lunch with Ally from bareMinerals (she did my make-up for the NTAs and it was OMGSOGOOD) at Mildred’s- a veggie place in Soho.

It was only a couple of hours after breakfast so I was like yeah, gonna get a small plate and be restrained and probs look like Gigi Hadid then hey whaddya know a big ol’ sexy, cheesy delicious whopper of a burrito landed in front of me and jumped down my throat and yeah, not my fault.

I spent the rest of the afternoon a) trying not to fall into the dreamiest of Mexican food comas b) trying to find somewhere to get a gel manicure that wouldn’t cost more than a new car and c) browsing Hummingbird Bakery for sweet treats to bring home for boo.

At this rate my bikini body is going to look like a cross between Spideypig from The Simpsons and the Snapchat ghost emoji.

Hashtag goals.


I got my nails done at a salon I won’t name. The lady complained that wherever I had gone before (a little local place in Ipperz) had done a terrible job, before painting my nails as if I’d done them myself after three gigantic giant size glasses of Co-op’s finest red wine.

Morale of the story: Don’t go thinking you all fancy just because you’re wearing a floaty Parisian-style midi dress and splash out £30 on a manicure. FFS.

I ended my day with a quick dash into the Primark summer 2016 press day where I enjoyed about three sips of a cocktail out of AN ACTUAL PINEAPPLE before having to put it down for fear I was already drunk and woah, girl gotta drive home from the station.

There’s some hideously perfect pieces you absolutely need for your imaginary beach holiday – and a seriously strong sunglasses game. I’m talking sexy rose gold reflective lenses. That’s it. I die.

I mean sure yeah OK I’ll do a full post on the best upcoming pieces over the weekend, PROMISE.

And here I am now. On my way home and typing you this because HI I’M OUT OF PHONE BATTERY AGAIN.

Chris is at football and I need a big ol’ nap and I think my pyjamas are whispering sweet nothings to me already. Oh mumma.

Oh and also I took a really nice photo of a blossom tree and a blue sky today and let’s just all take a moment together now to reflect on how wonderful and handsome spring is.

Stop what you’re doing and just think about it.


And on that note, I’m off to edit it on VSCO cam because it’s a real Instagram gem.

Anyway I’m rambling now, I’m going to close my eyes and pray I don’t accidentally end up in Norwich…



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