My Paris Packing Essentials


As you’re reading this I am probably knee-deep in cheap St Pancras (anyone else still have to really, really work at not putting pancreas?) croissants and coffee whizzing off to Paris for my FIRST EVER TIME.

I mean, kind of. I went for an afternoon to get the train to Italy but that’s a long, boring ol’ story from 1997 and you a busy girl and that.

So yeah, first ever time. Are you even really a blogger if you’ve never been to Paris?

Probs nah.

Anyway, I took a couple of photos of a couple of new things I’ll be backing and a couple of old things I’ve suddenly realised I can’t be parted from. Thought I’d tell you about them in case they inspire you to make a OH WHAT THE FLIP, IT’S MONDAY purchase.

Hashtag enabler.



There’s something about the idea of Paris that makes me feel like I should spend my entire time there drifting about in cute pink-hued floaty midi skirts. So I’m packing one just in case, y’know, I actually get there and freak out that my skinny jeans are not romantic and chic enough.

This pleated fella is from Dorothy Perkins and nope, I’ve got no idea if it suits me. In my head it does though and that’s all that matters, right?



Girls with cute petite frames, you can keep your sweet off the shoulder tops that are EVERYWHERE this season and make me look like an obese hippogriff because I’ve just discovered bodies and that’s me done for 2016.

Not as in dead bodies just FYI, as in those tight tops that you fasten under your gusset with poppers like a baby grow. They cling to your body and make you look divine. I will be buying more and then maybe some more. This one’s from ASOS.



You might have already seen my new every day handbag hunk, you might not have, so HERE HE IS. I snapped him up for £39.99 from the Norwich branch not too long ago and I love the shape and size and it fits everything and yeah, perfect for travelling and long days skipping about a new city. Shop here.



I remember my step mum buying me hand cream for my ski trip in year 10 and being like omg why would I even need this. Turns out I now can’t leave the house without anxiety that my skin is so dry, my lips are so dry, omg my whole body is so dry. So my desk hand cream is coming with me, thanks.



Carrying on with my fear of dehydrated skin, is my Jo Malone lip balm. This came free in a mistletoe themed bag to promote the launch of their new campaign at Christmas and I’ve been pretty obsessed ever since. Mostly because it lasts FOREVER. As in, I’ll apply it before leaving the house and still be aware of it three hours later whilst I’m sauntering down Oxford Street. I can’t decide what the flavour is either, but it’s sweet, sweet heaven.



After months of buying cheap sunglasses from eBay which either break or the reflective lenses completely scratch off, I thought I’d buy something sensible from ASOS. They cute, huh?

I’m probably getting ridiculously far ahead with myself because blossom and sunshine and spring and omg it’s basically sunbathing weather, but I’m packing a denim jacket as well as my trusty trench coat just in case, y’know, it IS mild over in France. This hunk is from Dorothy Perkins and I have a lot of plans for it this year that involve cute dresses.



I’m still a sucker for a travel guide when I go away to a new city – if not just for having a handy map to refer back to when you get lost because ahhh man you were too busy talking about cats whilst drinking takeout coffee and now where are we?

I used Marco Polo when I went to New york last year and it’s my fave. Aside from all the classic restaurant and bar recommendations, it has a super-duper handy Finding Your Feet section which is exactly what you need when you arrive feeling sleepy and confused.



This lipstick is so old that there’s a diamante from my Blackberry phone case stuck to the lid. I don’t even remember how to work a Blackberry. Anyway, I totally forgot this shade existed until I spotted it in one of Tanya Burr’s recent blog posts – it’s the perfect day shade for when you’re feeling a tiny bit over nude lipsticks. Or is that just me? Lolz. Shop here.



I shouldn’t have. I really bloody shouldn’t have. But now they’re here and my heart has grown too attached to them to send them back. After weeks of fawning over them on ASOS I was like hmm maybe I WILL treat myself and then I realised they were sold out in my size and then I had a mild panic and then I realised that ffs, I needed them more than ever.

Anyway, thanks to one of my girls on Twitter for letting me know they still had EVERY size on the Offspring website. I’m hoping they’re as comfy as they are sexy.




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