The Day I Ate Potato Smilies And Chicken Dippers For Dinner


If you read yesterday’s post (Hi, I’m over here), you’ll know that I started my Thursday typing on my laptop from the dining room table with a cafetière and the cats, patiently waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Y’see we’ve had a dripping kitchen tap since forever. And as well as being mildly annoying in a OMG GO BACK GO BACK I JUST MISSED WHAT MEREDITH GREY SAID, it’s apparently making our water bill go up a trickle.

Lol I so funny.

According to Chris, anyway. I’m not ashamed to admit I stay out of the bill side of things – he’s way more organised than I am.  So I pay Chris what he tells me to, but I don’t touch our accounts (unless it’s to upgrade Sky obvs because girl needs her documentary channels). It’s nice considering I’m forever spending my days chasing invoices and filling out spreadsheets with my monthly train tickets and cab fares and so no, I cba to look at how much I owe in council tax.

Anyway, said plumber arrived. Asked questions about taps and boilers and other things that went above my head. I was mildly embarrassed because HELLO INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY and coming across like a ditsy dingbat.

He stayed for about half an hour, told me he needed to change a cartridge, told me he didn’t have the exact one but could put in a different one which would save hassle but meant the taps would turn in different directions. I called Chris, got him to make the decision and went back to trying to pretend I was doing work whilst secretly watching How I Met Your Mother (which, turns out, if you watch enough times by accident, you start to like).

Then said plumber whacked me with a £126 bill.

I tried not to fall to the floor like I’d been kicked in the stomach and severely winded, and slipped my debit card into his card reader.

This is not card porn. This is real life.

Then I sulked about the bill and went to swim off the anxiety about my quickly depleting bank account. Y’know how it is, with this whole adulting shebang.

Lol one minute, got to stop my story because I’m in Starbucks and just noticed the tag is still on my new top. OH HI I’M EMBARRASSED. (See what I mean about my quickly depleting bank account? Must. Stop. Online. Shopping).

Anyway, I came home, opened two new packages – HI ASOS – and a little chocolate surprise from Betty’s, let the cats in the garden because it *almost* felt like spring and settled down to cous cous, halloumi, chicken, onion, peppers and half a bottle of Frank’s hot sauce because seriously it’s so good it’s in my top three sauces of all time.

It probs sits snuggly between McDonald’s barbecue sauce (sweet flippin’ jesus) and balsamic glaze. Ain’t gonna lie.

Although Domino’s garlic and herb dip is probably in there somewhere too.


I did some video editing and started compiling a blog post for when I’m in grand ol’ Paree, and then treated myself to some sofa time. Oh and I also watched this Primark try-on from DollyBowBow because it came up as a suggested video and man, I loved how simple it was. No music, no fancy schmancy editing, just a bit of personality and honesty. I’d like to try and make more videos like this, y’know?

Anyway, I think I’m due on my period because when I walk down the stairs (in a sports bra, I hasten to add), it feels like someone in punching me in the breast region. Everytime one of my elbows so much as touches my boob I’m like SOMEONE HOLD ME, THE PAIN, THE PAIN.

And so, because of the trauma of the expensive plumber and because my boobs hurt and because Chris was due home slightly later than usual because he had football, I was like I AM DOING IT, I AM I AM I AM. And I stuck some chicken dippers and smiley faces in the oven and I didn’t give two fucks.


But then I had to walk to the shop because we were out of beans and oh look a bag of mini eggs came home with me.

I wanted to test them against Galaxy’s Golden Eggs and I gotta say, think the Galaxy ones are winning it for me. So really it was super important research tbh.

I wanted to take a photo of my handsome dinner but I couldn’t find my camera and my phone was out of battery and I wanted to eat him at peak temperature, so soz and that.

I highly recommend you do the same tonight because it’s Friday and you deserve it. It tasted like something crafted by the house elves who work in the Hogwarts kitchen.

So yeah, I fell asleep before 10pm like a small child, whilst Chris watched TalHotBlond on the iPad (which, just FYI is a wonderfully dark documentary you can find on Netflix).

Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention – I have this weird pressure by my left ear and I am mildly FREAKING THE FUCK OUT that my wisdom tooth infection is making a re-appearance. It feels a bit blocked, like when you have a cold, but it’s just on one side.

So yeah, I am using that special slightly-expensive NO INFECTIONS PLZ mouthwash from Colgate like it’s Diet Coke. I mean my tooth *looks* alright to me. Please be kind to me, sweet baby girl new tooth, I love you.

And on that note, I’m off to buy more mouthwash. I wish I had something more exciting to say. Soz.

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