24 Hours In Italy


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Ah man, the future me will be writing these posts up the day I get home so that all my posts are reactive, in the moment, fresh – rather than me trying to recall a hazy hungover story from a week ago.

Soz, my bad, learnt my lesson.

Anyway, last Wednesday I woke up, packed my self a little overnight back crammed with some cute new gym purchases from Primark (I’ve been wearing a pair of grey yoga pants EVERY DAY both around the house and out to the shops and I *think* people may have laughed because HI CAMEL TOE, but whatever) and jumped in a cab over to Heathrow.

It’s a two-hour drive from Ipperz and I tried to use my colouring book to pass the time but I kept going out of the lines and it was basically making me have an anxiety attack, so I just stared out the window instead.

I felt a bit like Anna Wintour tbh.

I met Scarlett at the airport and we loaded up on all the essential food groups  – sweet potato fries and prosecco – before boarding our short flight to Bologna. No YOU’RE a cliché.

Now, I asked my dad to clarify, but we *think* my first ever flight as a baby might have been from Heathrow to Bologna. It’s a part of the world I used to be quite familiar with as my late uncle used to run some hotels out in Rimini and we’d visit every summer.

So on arrival, I had some weird surge of emotions I wasn’t expecting. It felt weird to be going so close to somewhere that once meant a lot to me. I mean, I didn’t see or smell or hear or taste anything that took me back to being a little topless blonde-haired babe learning to swim in the sea with her brothers, but it was just the knowing.

The knowing I was so close to one of the only places in the world I have memories of being a normal, happy child with her brothers and parents and grandparents. It was weird.

Anyway before I had too long to reflect on my childhood and drown my sorrows from the hotel minibar (we stayed in the cutest little rustic hotel in a village called Sant’Arcangelo Di Romagna), we headed out for dinner with the rest of our group to a local restaurant.

Aside from Scarlett and Chloe, the group was mostly made up of freelance journalists and people who ran their own online magazines. And when we sat down to mr sexy red wine and platters of parma ham and bread, we realised that on each of the tables surrounding us were groups of bloggers and journos from other countries – Spain and France and Italy, who were also on the trip.

The reason for the trip? I was pretty confused to begin with like hello why am I in Italy for 24 hours to go to a gym?

But basically, it was to trial a new Wellness experience launched by cruise specialists MSC Cruises. The new experience means that from next year, passengers will be able to keep up with their fitness and health goals holidaying on-board a MSC ship – using state of the art (what even is that word?) equipment from Technogym and a tailored exercise programme.

It’s actually a bit more exciting than I’m letting on, because there’s an app you use which monitors your exercise and weight and body fat percentage and it’s all a bit like magic and now I’m gutted my local gym and pilates class and swimming pool can’t measure everything I do. Sob.

So on Thursday, with a raging hangover, because I tell you now, Italian cocktails are not like the sort of cute candy pink things you snap up in TGI Friday, we headed over to the Technogym Village in Cesena to give the whole experience a whirl.


We had little samples of some of the classes on offer – circuits and spinning and cardio machines and then, my fave part – we got mini health evaluations from these machines which are like the things you can pay £1 for at the gym, but WAY better.

I got a reading of my BMI, body fat percentage and body muscle percentage and a few other things too – if you’re doing it for real on an actual boat, you’ll have a consultation and even a skin prick to test your blood for glucose and iron and all that important stuff.

But the reason I was all OMG THIS IS INSANE and basically skipped off my hangover on my way to the spinning bikes, was because I’ve lost 6% body fat since November.

Now, if you follow me on Insta or you watch my vlogs, you’ll know my life is filled with ahem, quite a few pizzas and sneaky little takeaways. But I’ve been trying, in my own way.

After my 360 Health Assessment last year, I was told to make some easy changes. Take up pilates once a week, swap red meat for fish once a week, and then take it from there. And I’ve kept it up.

And well, IT HAS WORKED.

I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week, and when I say gym I mean the swimming pool and pilates classes. I’ve been eating well at home – I basically live off sweet potatoes, avocado, eggs and chopped tomatos. And wholewheat pasta. And halloumi. And balsamic glaze. But for real, balsamic glaze is <3<3<3<3

And it’s felt so easy. My point is, I am proof that in order to shift a few pounds and get your body fat percentage into a slightly less DIABETES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE DEATH kinda place, you don’t need a dramatic life makeover that you’ll only stick to for four and a half days because hey is it Two for Tuesday yet?

Anyway, after showering off my cocktail sweat and sliding back out of my unflattering Primark leggings, I ate my weight in pasta and cheese before we headed back to the airport for gelato and a pretty bladdy insane sunset (you can witness it on my weekly vlog over here). Oh, and for the flight home too.

Things I learnt: I need to take Chris to Italy. I would never drive in Italy HOW DO CARS GET THROUGH SUCH SMALL SPACES. I think I’d really like to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. Gelato is bae. I need to stop beating myself up every time I eat something ‘bad’, because my outlook on food and exercise has, overall, changed for the better and I am OWNING THIS.

Anyway peace out, bye.




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